Thirty Hour Day

There are so many things that we just accept without thinking about it, like having to pay to live on this planet, or the fact that there are governments that no one likes, that there are countries that have set up arbitrary boundaries that exclude entry without having “proper papers”, or police presences that are very similar to military occupations, that are totally unnecessary, etc. etc. but have you ever wondered what why the earth spins and why does it spin at the rate of 24 hours so consistently? Because recently I was thinking of a clown who cries at the end of every day because he is so sad that the day is over and forever gone. Which lead me to think that indeed the days are way too short, 24 hours. No one can get enough done in this time. And then I wondered what if days were 30 hours or so, wouldn’t that make things a lot easier. We would have more time to get things done and to just relax and take it easy. Which set me wondering just what makes the earth spin on its axis and why does it take 24 hours every time? I googled it and guess what, there is no real answer.

I thought I would ask our Vilcabamba resident Patrick Flanagan who just might be Tesla reincarnated, though it seems hard to believe, he has some pretty convincing evidence. He has over 300 inventions and electromagnetism is his main focus. He just informed me however, that he and no one really knows the answer to that question. That everything in the solar system, the Universe, is moving and spiraling and its a mystery how this occurs. Gravity is a word and a theory that tries to explain some of it, but it never really gets in very deep or specific. So, we have to accept that we are all lost in space and going very fast somewhere or nowhere, but where or why could always be a mystery. Maybe its just important to keep moving, that whether there is a destiny or not is of no importance, especially if there is no destiny to reach.

Thoughts provoke more thoughts. Imagine a tree or blood vessels in the lungs. and the smaller branches and twigs and veins become digressions. This is a perfect example of what i am talking about, a minor digression. Now imagine, that our days were 30 hours. We would have 6 hours more free time. Some scientists believe that in the early days of the Earth, the days were only six hours long, and it has grown to its present time after billions of years, by increasing about one second every year. If the illusion of freedom could persist, the 30 hour day would make us feel more free with more free time. But the powers that be are going in the opposite direction.

The illusion of freedom will no longer be necessary once the grip of tyranny is so tight that there is no wiggle room for anyone and we will all know that we are enslaved and that there is nothing that we can do about it, so… we end up having to accept the condition, just like people accept the current situation of being helplessly enmeshed in the web of the matrix in a world gone mad.

For example, one study shows that 65% of n. americans believe that we only use 10% of our brain, but magnetic resonance imaging shows that we use most all of our brain throughout one day. There are so many unquestioned beliefs that holds humanity in a deeply deluded state.

The one thing I learned while wasting my childhood in school was to question everything and I have found that there is about nothing that anyone can know for sure. That we must accept this as our natural condition, that of uncertainty, with grace and find our way through this house of mirrors by questioning everything. Another thing I might mention in the spirit of digressing, is that there can not be any real freedom without responsibility. I mean as total a responsibility as possible. That is one reason that humanity finds itself enslaved almost completely, because of the abdication of responsibility by most every individual.

If we understood the mechanism that spins the earth, we could maybe devise a way to slow it to 30 hours and have more free time. Maybe gigantic sails that impede its movement that span thousands of miles. The other alternative is to consciously move into the “new paradigm”, where wage slavery and authoritarian regimes don’t exist. The local mostly latino, artist, eco-community, Chambalabamba is attempting to lead the way in this, but its a slow process and we could use all the help and ideas we can get.

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