Vision for Chambalabamba Eco-Community

I want to share my vision for the community with you. My vision is inclusive and gives everyone autonomy and liberty with responsibility. There is space for everyone to follow their dreams and to develop one’s potential to the fullest and to experience much joy, tranquility, and love.

This dream is to live the “new paradigm”, to leave the “old paradigm” behind, the judgments, gossip, the competition, patriarchy, the ego, violence, selfishness and greed, insecurity, anxiety, and fear, and replace it with the quality of relationships being the bottom line, the foundation of the community. To live our lives interdependently, where every action is coming from love. To honor respect, consideration for others, humility, personal integrity, authenticity, cooperation and collaboration, equality. To create the best possible environment for children to grow and develop. To nurture creativity and spontaneity.

However, for this to work it is extremely important that everyone understand that true freedom cannot exist without responsibility. And I mean responsibility in the fullest sense, for your personal life, for your family, for the community, the town, and for the world. One can only do so much, but what is essential as far as the community is concerned, is that one is conscious of the needs of the community, because without being conscious, one cannot be responsible.

We all want the community to run smoothly, to have as much abundance as possible, to be clean and beautiful, to be as self sustainable and ecological as possible. Everyone needs to understand how important for everyone who lives here to assume this responsibility and to become conscious of the needs of the community as well as all the members, volunteers, workers, and visitors.

To open one’s heart is to care, to care for everyone’s feelings and well being, as well as the plants and structures. And we can always care more, more deeply, with more awareness and this is a process that the community can develop individually and together. For me, this is my spiritual path and I hope it so for everyone.


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