Violent Women

Do you know what seems to be rampant these days? Angry women in relationships. Women who can’t control their negative emotions, similar to a child, which makes it seem immature. A mature woman can control her negative emotions and is capable of having a happy relationship. A relationship with anyone who cannot control their negative emotions is bound to be hell.

In the past (and currently), men were the aggressors, were violent, and subjugated the women. We call it patriarchy. Now, the new liberated woman who has no guilt about sex any more, can use this violent tendency to control their male mate. Their anger can be so big, that most men do everything they can to avoid being subjected to such humiliation. In this way women have reversed patriarchy and are doing the same thing that men used to do. And relationships suffer for this.

In the “new paradigm”, there are no aggressors, manipulators, or controllers. A relationship is ruined by this and both parties suffer. It is a lose, lose paradigm. In the “new paradigm”, both partners are equal and there is no desire to control or impose anything. Love implies respect, respect for the other person and respect for the sanctity of the relationship. In the “new paradigm” fighting in such a way that one hurts their partner through cruel words and harsh tones, or physical violence damages the dignity of the relationship in a pretty much irreparable way. And such behavior has consequences much heavier than people realize. Respect and humility are big in the “new paradigm” and hurting the one you love is a no,no. You shouldn’t be hurting anyone ever.

If you are reading this and you are one of these violent women, please consider how you might be ruining and sacrificing all that is beautiful in your life. Often this trait is passed from mother to daughter.… has many videos on this subject to help women gain control of their neg. emotions and mature into the best version of yourselves as a woman and for men to.

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