A Tale of Two Lives


Can you imagine forgetting just about everything, who you are, where you are, what you are doing, just lost. you would be starting all over again, like an amnesiac. your innocent sense of not knowingness is somewhat refreshing and you are quickly taken in by someone very cool who has plenty of money and she wants to help you discover the world, “reality”. after a short time, the host realizes that she has very little real understanding of anything either and joins her friend in the search for meaning, clarity, purpose. The rich friend helps steer them through the labyrinth of their existence, in the wildness of the city, a city of zombiesque citizens, rushing about like ants in a mechanical fashion.

the most obvious thing is the sense of insanity that any sensitive person can feel. a rampant positioning to fuck someone as the main activity during off slave hours, the few hours between work and sleep. a deep sense of not fitting in and not wanting to fit in, settles and forms. they were searching hard for others like them and they befriended some street buskers who really could play music fantastically. good enough to always attract an audience of a few hundred people. they were funny too and had many circus skills. they could make a few hundred dollars at a time and lived a happy and carefree life, always finding others to play music with. and they were open to these two humble travelers who appeared so innocent and natural.

and they all traveled about together, staying in cheap hostels. they got an idea of the world thru knowing these street wise musicians and artists. and they began to sing with them and learn circus skills, like flipping hats onto each other’s heads. they practiced throwing it from further and further away, until they could throw it on to the other’s head from 10 meters, while singing along. thus they lived, sharing the lives of their new found friends, a rich existence without the need for much money and in this way they came to a very deep and clear understanding of human life in this part of the planet at this particular time, and flawlessly, flowing, and flowering, they achieved a sense of knowing far beyond the majority of the people.

When one day the police arrested him because his face matched that of a wanted criminal and he was taken away from rosita and their busker friends. Worst of all, his fingerprints matched those of the wanted villain, wanted for murder. In the trial, it was revealed that the defendant had no memory of his previous life and was living harmlessly as a street performer. Yet he had committed the most heinous crimes. The jury was perplexed as what appeared before them was someone who radiated purity and innocence. and the jury couldn’t decide and it was a hung jury, so he had to be tried again. rosita and his friends rallied behind him and were always nearby with their implicit support. still, he missed them all, as he was confined to a cell.

with all the time he had in his cell, he wracked his brain to try to remember his former life and why he had been such a killer. slowly fragments would come back, pieces of scenes, that made no sense, but were filled with dread, tears, and hatred. his wife had left him for a dear friend of his, at least, so he had thought. it had devastated him and drove him wild. he literally lost his mind as he couldn’t stop thinking about it in a vengeful way. his deep sense of hurt just amplified his hatred. he had been a banker and held a rather high position in a large banking corporation. his life was very private, and his private time with his wife was all that he had. he loved her more than anything, but didn’t have much time to be with her. and she eventually found someone else, really his only friend. it was like being stabbed by two daggers.

he lost all sense of reason, and just transformed into an angry beam of hate. he wasn’t rational. he killed them both with a knife in a hideous fashion and escaped. then one day he woke up somewhere and didn’t know who he was or anything. that was how the story began.

in the second trial, he told the truth and the jury gave him one year on probation and he went on living his wonderful new life.

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