Dearly Beloved Beloveds

Dear Beloved Beloveds (of Vilcabamba, Ecuador or anywhere),
It’s like being on the Titanic, everyone is so happy, the foreigners at least, ha, ha, haa, ha, ha, its a trend. I’m so glad I’m happy too, I don’t know how it would be otherwise…. sad, I guess. With so many happy people, it would be awful to be sad now. Please, no sad people. Sad people beware, just as anyone caught complaining here, could go to jail, foreigners really have no right to complain about anything here, if u should dare to be one of the sad people (even for 2 seconds)… you could be…. shunned.

Right now it takes great courage/ insensitivity to be sad in public. I am so glad that I’m not a sad person. I would hate to be sad right now. I believe joy is an obligation . I want to be compassionate to sad people as life always provides moments where sadness is felt, and one needs to make a place for sadness when it comes, and accept it for what it is. I used to always run from sadness, now I want to welcome it along with everything else. I don’t want to have the thought, “people make all their choices”, and if they are in some sad, untenable situation, that is their choice. I hate that attitude, it lacks all compassion and is so simplistic (judgment!), and most likely totally untrue in my opinion. do you really believe that all the people being bombed would choose that? Rather than be happy with my assumptions, I would rather prefer just to be happy with my sadness.

To have removed yourself from the north from its insanity, its sinking shipishness, its cold, its heartlessness, its vapidity, its crass commerciality, and to now be in the south, as in South America, its such a relief, such a pleasure, such a blessing.
The mountains are so, so, so still, so…. monumental, there is something noble in their seeming indifference, their lofty aloofness. Here, they are sooo green. If you don’t love green, you are in big trouble. We are surrounded by mountains. They are saying, We have you surrounded, surrender. Put your hands over your head and surrender, bow down, dip yourself in the cool, raging river and refresh, revive, rejuvenate, step slowly out of your comfort zone and hike in the mud. Velcrobamba will trap you. You must transform or, or else you may be …. left behind.

We have a duty, to be true to ourselves, that is, to enjoy, to enjoy as much as you can, don’t waste a minute. Your job is to enjoy whatever you are doing. It may seem hedonistic, but that is just a judgement, we can ignore that. Or it may seem decadent, some of you may not want to be decadent, some of you with pure hearts. But please, don’t assume that I am advocating or promoting decadence. No, no, no, no. Angels can never be decadent. And sometimes it seems that we all are, if not already, moving towards angelhood.

My perspective is really quite innocent and its hard for me to see bad people. Only people acting foolishly or ignorantly. People who are afraid to really love, who still hold back. Maybe, we are all like that to some degree.

Now, I’m sure you know that this might be a year of reckoning, there is no time left to hold back. Really, this is it. It’s time to move into your fullness, to give it all you got. This is the moment. Come out into the open, be shameless and unafraid. I could be talking to myself, I don’t wish to sound like I’m directing anything. For some unknown reason, this tendency to promote something seems to be happening through me. It seems like I’m promoting something, encouraging, advocating, suggesting, I hope that its not too annoying. I personally, cant stand pushy people.

I hope I am not an example of a new psychological disorder, maybe called, “decongestion”, where people never get to the point. The point, yes, happy with sadness, this is a philosophical point of view within the school of the ridiculous, the emerging clown branch of modern philosophy. I must reveal that I am a member of Clowns Anonymous (CA), a renegade sect that hopes to undermine society by not taking it so seriously. The question is, can one be happy with being sad, is this really fair? is it possible? is it not an oxymoron, or just plain moronic? CA wants to elevate the ridiculous to the stature of sacred;. So far, only those who believe all is sacred can go along with this. Honestly, this discussion is beyond me, I would prefer to hear your opinions on this subject.

Anyway, I hope you are a little confused as to whether I’m joking or being serious., which is a tendency of mine, Io be both funny and profound at the same moment with a touch of ambiguity to give it a poetic quality. I hope you can indulge me a little, after all, I get away with so little. I’m not sneaky or clever enough, it seems. I have to be honest, because otherwise I’m sure to get caught. Its similar, I think, to the fact that I have to keep my house clean (relatively) or the cockroaches will think that I’m inviting them to in. Can you see the similarity? Life’s exigencies/ demands makes us better people, it shapes us, creating ephemeral forms out of the underlying dynamics of nothingness, very much like a cloud.

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