The Stars Are Aligned Just Right


To me, it seems like we turned a corner in the Universe, and things now are starting to come together. I hope its true for everyone and not just me. Chambalabamba might be going thru some sort of transformation and everything is looking better and better. It wasn’t bad before, but creating and living in a community is tricky and after awhile dynamics begin to occur that are related to very subtle changes that don’t appear on the surface.

We are trying to be exemplars of the “new paradigm”. The new paradigm is about love being the bottom line as opposed to profit, dropping judgements and gossip, living harmoniously, collaboratively, cooperatively, taking full responsibility for one’s life, finding the balance between male and female, living in freedom with responsibility.

The new paradigm is a happy place. Personal integrity is very important. Everyone can be a leader, but without authority over anyone. Everyone has a voice in decision making. There are no rules, only agreements. Nothing needs to be imposed or forced. Respect for all, as there is the idea that all is sacred.

This is the paradigm I believe we all long for. We live as one grand family with no one left out. If there are conflicts, it is important to resolve them without compromise where both parties have their needs met. Abundance for everyone is a goal as well as self sustainability. The differences between us are honored, as is spontaneity, creativity, and originality.

There is no place for violence whether in words or actions. We are here to help one another to grow and reach our potentialities, to evolve in our spiritual understanding, and to have as much fun as possible. Happiness and joy are the signs that we are on the right track. As Charles Eisenstein recently wrote: “That is how we transition from the Age of Separation to the age of We Need Each Other.”

Perhaps you have something to add or subtract, as nothing is set in stone, we are finding our way as we go.

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