A Definite Maybe

Imagine being raised and being told lies about everything, mixed with some truth, just to make it confusing, and that everyone is indoctrinated with the same lies, which everyone consequently believes to be true. What do you think will happen? What would people be like, having been raised under such conditions? That is easy, they would be just like us, because that has been our situation, those of us raised in the West. We, in our fish bowls, cannot see the medium, in our case, the medium is deception, it is hard for us to break the illusion. It creates people with all kinds of personality defects, people who gossip, judge others, are inconsiderate, loud, rude, disrespectful, dishonest, irrational, illogical, close minded, cheat, lie, slanderous, haters, uptight, addicted, violent, non empathetic and lacking compassion. I hope you do not know anyone with any of these qualities. We must make our way through the virulent predators and find a way to love them despite their “faults”, their damaged hearts, and their unlovable ways. This is a sad and unacknowledged reality. Of course, there are also many lovely and loving people too of which to surround one self.

Now we have an answer to the question, does a falling tree make a sound if there is no one to hear it? The answer is no, because the tree will create a vibration in the air, when it passes through our ears, it connects with the brain, and we hear a “sound”. Our ear and brain are necessary for there to be a sound, without which it is only vibration. There is a far-reaching implication: that all of the reality that we perceive through our senses, is dependent on our senses, for them to exist in the physical form that we experience. In a world where all were blind, would colors exist? Remember always, when no dog can be heard barking to be grateful. This is the easiest spiritual path of all. Without consciousness, would we exist? Without consciousness, we dont seem to exist, maybe there is a body, but if it lacks consciousness, it is no longer a person in any real sense.

I love originality, non-conditioned thoughts (is it possible?) or are you just on automatic and missing all the nuances and perhaps some rather big non-nuanced items, that is, something big and obvious. It is possible that we drift in and out of awareness, quite unawares, almost like a momentary stroke from second to second. Spacing out its called. What is our consciousness anyway? Nobody seems to know, or how it works. The biggest mystery is what makes us ourselves. Aren’t we lucky! Consciousness seems too vast and nebulous to comprehend. It seems to be about the storage and access of information, with the dynamic ability to think and discover thoughts. The thoughts often seemed to be related to memory. Memory is dynamic and hyper active, volatile, and fallible. It is necessary in order to derive meaning. When one is born, one doesnt know anything, has no memory to refer to, and hence is completely lost, so much so, that it doesnt feel lost, because it is beyond its ability to conceptualize. A baby initially has no thoughts and only can react to stimuli that it feels, but there is no meaning yet, only feelings. It takes some time for the baby to slowly derive some meaning from all that happens to him and he begins to develop a consciousness. His first learning is the nipple. He learns to suck on it and it gives him pleasure as it satisfies the need for nutrition. Through its experiences, it slowly derives meaning and the ability to remember and to store information to help in gaining the ability to make decisions, hopefully good ones.

Didn’t our decisions bring us to who we are today? The world acted on us and we had to respond, and how we responded is who we are today. We all had a different set of experiences to respond to. We were all given the same parameters in which to live and develop. We all share the same human needs. How do we create a world where everyone is able to get his needs met? That is a whole other subject. And one that we have the answer to. Ok, I will tell you now: self-organizing is how to get things done. Study ants, study how it works so well in nature, how individual entities join together to make one great entity, like a giant jellyfish, to increase its efficiency in gaining nutrients, decentralized group decision making. This is the future for humanity, if humanity survives, which is certainly extremely uncertain, that is, it is a definite maybe.

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