It is Through Unity that we can Transform Ourselves and the World that we live In

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I remember how it was around 1990 when we were being arrested for serving the homeless in
front of city hall free organic, home-cooked food, with the sign on our table, “Food Not
Bombs”, over 3000 times in 8 years, while only bringing us to trial once, clearly we were being
harassed. The gov’t. used different stories to justify this, like we needed a permit to feed
homeless people free meals, etc. Even though I had been a radical for many years, I was still
somewhat shocked as to how heartless and dishonest the government could be. Also I was
shocked and dismayed by how little support we actually received from the citizens of San
Francisco though there were certainly a few exceptions, but it was 99.999 % that didn’t do a
thing in our behalf. I think it is that way a lot of places. It follows the bell curve where you have
the “evil” on one side at the bottom of the curve and the principled activists on the other, and the
99%, the ones who do nothing in the middle. It seems like it’s the same here in Vilcabamba
where most people seem to be too involved with the drama of their own lives to actually step out
of it and do something for the community. I guess not realizing how much their own lives are
affected when they allow “authority” to make decisions for them, that is, not assuming full
responsibility and instead giving it to strangers or “authority”. Their personal sovereignty is
compromised as well and may be entirely lost as the “authorities” ripen/ rot into
totalitarianism.The biggest mistake people have ever made all over the globe. Now look at the
mess that has gotten us in. But we are guilty due to our complacency and tolerance, which makes
it hurt double.
In reality, by giving some time to community, one is not leaving the drama of their own lives,
but rather, enriching it, moving it perhaps, from a soap opera to a profound novel, getting out of
the smelly cocoon of “me-ness” into the wider freshness of “us-ness”. The fun part is finding
your niche. Where can you be happiest and most effective in serving the needs of the
community? Everyone has something to give. Because, as Dr. Leitman’s commentary from last
week on the section of Deuteronomy referring to Moses points out, it is only through unity that
the Israeli’s will be able to transcend the enmity of their enemies, and the same may be true for
us in Vilcabamba and the whole world. One questioner asked, “how can the 7 million people of
Israel unify?” he answered, what about the 7 billion people on the planet?. How about the 7000
or so people of Vilcabamba? Can you imagine if everyone here could give a certain percentage
of their time to volunteering and activism? It seems impossible for the locals here as so many are
working way beyond full time and maintaining families as well. Maybe a fund could be provided
to actually pay them for their time as activists? It is just one idea that comes to mind. I don’t
really have the answer.

I know that at Chambalabama, our small microcosm, we do have unity and we all give time to
contributing to the whole, as it is a lot of work creating abundance for all, as the fields, the trees,
the gardens, the structures and infrastructure, and the animals need constant attention and care.
Unity, harmony, and personal integrity are the three priorities that we try to maintain here to
create authentic community, to create a space for people to live with their hearts fully open and
to develop the full potential of each individual.

It is my belief that by being grateful for what we have, always being a force for “good”, and
giving time to activities that enrich the lives of others that we can transform ourselves and the
society we live in.

A good example is this woman:

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