The Well of Infinite Possibilities

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Every week I dip into the well of infinite possibilities and choose one to explore and embrace,

and share with you. Of course some things interest me more than others and I like to talk about

things that have to do with our very existence and therefore not to merely speculate or dwell on


I came across two things this week which have inspired me. One is an article by Dr. Michael

Laitman who is at the top of the ladder in the world of Kabbalah and Lucia has consented to

translate it as it clarified an enigma which has been with her many years after she came back to

life after having been dead for 9 minutes on the operating table with the word “deuterotomy”

ringing in her mind (which will follow this article).


The other is a video of the Anarchist

revolution 1936-1939 in Spain ( I wanted to find

some films that were in Spanish with English subtitles so that I could practice listening and

understanding Spanish, which some of you might want to do as well. I happily discovered that

this was a very interesting video explaining what happened back then and it gives much more

clarity to the idea of “Anarchy”. Some of you may recall that in an article I wrote maybe a

month or 2 ago, where I posited the idea that possibly many of you are anarchists but don’t

know it, since most people don’t really know what anarchism is all about.

What Dr. Laitman talks about in his commentary of a certain section of Deuteronomy has a lot

to do with living in an ideal community or world as well as the real purpose of the state of

Israel, and it is synonymous with what we are doing at Chambalabamba, the mostly latino,

clown/ artists eco community in Yamburara Alto, because when I became aware of Kabbalah

and Dr. Laitman around 2006, I discovered that a part of kabbalah has to do with living in

community, the idea being that to become one with God, or to attain “enlightenment” one must

be involved with a group, and by working and living together in such a way that everyone tries

to fulfill the needs of the others and that one needn’t concern oneself so much with fulfilling

one’s own needs since the others are doing it for him. This has the effect of moving a group,

community, or nation from “I” to “We” and moving beyond the needs of the ego and beyond

capitalism. Which to me, is where humanity must go, if we are to escape the fate of

a surveillance state/ world that seems to be coming more and more boldly apparent while

extending its grip more forcefully over the entire planet, with its bombings, kidnappings,

spying, assassinations, blackmailing (control of the courts), secret courts, unconstitutional laws,

manipulations, wars, eco-destruction, and illegalizing and persecuting whistle-blowers.


The other video shows the heroic and tragic spontaneous uprising that took on the fascist state

of Spain and gave hope to the world for 3 years before they were wiped out and totally erased

from history, to such an extent that few people today have any awareness of it at all. As it is

obvious that those who control the present also control the past and history taught in schools

is just propaganda glorifying the criminal state which is a part of our shared conditioning.

And tonight when I step outside and gaze at the full moon in all of its glory and magnificence

shining down on the whole world with its firey, faery light, which turns the natural landscape

into a nether world, neither night or day, a backdrop for magic shenanigans played out by

phantoms that can only be fathomed through the medicine of plants, while the rest of us,

engage in our petty squabbles, cling tightly to our hatreds, prejudices, and judgments, which

keeps us divided and powerless and I wonder if I will ever fall asleep or if I will ever wake up.

I fell asleep and have just awoken with the idea that really I have no enemies other than closed

minds, closed hearts, and mindlessness. The moon is still blanketing the valley in Yamburara

Alto with its enigmatic light where I live, while the river emits its constant, steady drone, now

humbled and diminished by the lack of rain. The stars and planets are aligned in such a way

that now is the time for our biggest dreams to be fulfilled and with their being limits on our

time in this indescribable playground, lets live each day as though it were our last.

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