The Philosophic Natterings of a Clown or Much Ado About Nothing or Nothing Is the Point or the Point is Nothing or Is This Title too Long or is it too Short?

Well then, what is too much and what is too little? It sounds like another deep, penetrating philosophical article, that just tickles your funny bone (your brain). Too much of nothing is sometimes too much, and too little of something can be not quite enough, I’m sure. A good example, might be if I use too many words to say essentially nothing. I have been accused of using too many words, but that is just a polite way to say, i find you boring, or that the reader has attention deficit syndrome, which I would rather believe. But I’ve never been accused of saying nothing. I always seem to have some important point or two to make. Some people might hate what I say, but they never care to debate with me. I have learned to live with the great silence I receive after sending my messages out. I have developed the attitude of someone who puts love poems in a bottle and sets them adrift in the sea. I send the article out in the boletin and then meditate in the great silence that follows. I like to use everything that is available, even when it is nothing.

It reminds me of my great uncle, Bagelhole. He made a living collecting bagel holes (a bagel is shaped like a donut, but isn’t sweet). He would wait for people to eat them (the bagels) and then pick up the holes that they inevitably would leave behind and walk around with a big sack on his back, like he was bent over from carrying so many of them. Nevertheless, though he almost seemed proud to be so humble, there was a piteous aire about him, which if he had known that anyone might sense, he would have died from cringing, if that were possible. He was very thrifty and never wasted anything. I guess I am kind of like that. One has to be careful not to get too stingy or avaricious, or have large collections of worthless objects. I could have huge collections of nothing filling lots of empty rooms.

That might seem silly. But it leads to the philosophical question: what is more important, the container or the contained? Imagine that the rooms are incredibly beautiful like a king might have in a beautiful castle, then who cares if the rooms are empty? Or if you have a beautiful hand made cup with only water in it? Or you have a beautiful body and face with little of value inside? Or it could be the opposite. You have a great elixir in an ordinary cup or a beautiful soul in a raggedy body. If you had to choose,which would you take? It’s kind of like if you had to choose between too little or too much, which would you take? Just to bring us back to the original clownish question. I hope it doesn’t make you feel dizzy, going in circles like this. I know everyone here is so sensitive, and I need to be careful not to upset anyone’s equilibrium. Someone might fall out of their chair and hit their head. I would be blamed. I would have to hire a lawyer and could end up in jail. Life is so precious and precarious at the same time. How many people are suffering right now, from some accident? Or maybe you are just in between accidents, waiting for the next one. Some people could describe their whole lives like that. I like to say, “I trip, but I never fall”. But honestly, it’s not entirely true. I have fallen once or twice, but that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone.

Now I ask you, has this article been too much or too little?

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