Hmmmm 11/13/14

Recently, there has been an upsurge of crime, robberies, and violence in our small village. Citizens are scrambling for ways to protect themselves. I am afraid the problem is systemic and until we all come together, self – organizing as we had the opportunity to do in the past, but chose not to, the problems will likely persist and increase.

We all share the dubious distinction of membership in the dysfunctional human family, having been raised by slaves to be slaves under the illusion of being free has caused a lot of mental illness and injustice, scarcity, poverty, homelesness, and hunger, disease, ecological destruction, war (legalized murder) and an ever increasing litany of abuses by illegitimate, unauthorized “authority”.

In this melange of dystopia, it has become impossible to know the difference between what is authentic and natural, as compared to what we have been conditioned and programmed. Consider the programming we all received as children like sexual orientation, the difference in the roles of men verses women, our diet, sleeping hours, our education, our attitude to money, the commercialization of our lives, living in a concrete world, the commodifying of nature, class distinctions, nationalism, objectification of women’s bodies, inhumane treatment of animals (zoos, circuses, for food, etc.), and countless other distortions that we have been conditioned to accept as “normal”. If we don’t question everything constantly, is it real or not, true or false, we become lulled into accepting the false as true. This leads to the creation of systems of beliefs that we cling to like rocks in a sea of confusion, which leads further to pervasive false ideologies, like capitalism, democracy, and religion. And finally, to the destruction of everything and every one, as the world and everything in it is abused to the point of extinction.

In my last article, my message to all the women in the world, I made some assumptions about women and men that could be contested, which was that all women were in a sense, the same, that women were basically about love and nurturing and that men were about protecting and serving. It is not clear to me whether this is our essential nature or if it is our essential programming. It remains a confusing mystery that seems impossible to ever disentangle. “Syphilization” as we know it has caused us all to be domesticated, colonized, and commercialized such that we have lost our inherent “wildness”, our natural humanity, our connection with nature, in that we tolerate inhumane activities such as war, poverty, etc, and that we have even lost our ability to be love, to love, and to be loved, which seems to be our purpose and birthright. As a result our lives can be more painful than joyful, so much so that in many cases, suicide can seem justifiable.

Of course many of us have found ways to be happy slaves, by finding work that we love, having loving relationships, and/ or having enough money to live comfortably. All that is necessary is for one to be able to ignore the plight of all those who are less fortunate and to live under the illusion, that one gets what one deserves, and to be able to accept the every day injustices and suffering as normal, natural, and fair. That is to lose one’s innate compassion and empathy for others, one’s humanity, and to move towards becoming like zombies or vampires.

When one considers how the gift of life is of such monumental proportions that it exceeds our ability to even ever fully appreciate it, and compare that to how monstrous life can be for a large percentage of the world’s population as a result of the conditions imposed upon us all, under this system of enslavement called freedom, that we are forced to accept and tolerate…it makes one rub one’s chin and say, “hmm”, doesn’t it?

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