Valley of Rainbows and Tears

We live in the valley of rainbows with smiling faces shining through tears. Perhaps it is equal the balance between happiness and sadness as times pulls us gently or harshly towards oblivion or eternity. Each of us has something perhaps immaterial, deep inside which determines whether we are smiling or crying from moment to moment. When that “mechanism” goes out of whack, we enter depression, a deep dark tunnel down. It could be the fear of the “unknown”, of that which awaits us, that undermines our levity. It could be many things. What happens to people we know can be horrifying, their agonies and misfortunes and it is a reminder that it could happen to us, if it hasn’t already. You could call it an underlying “dread”. But what about all the beauty, the love, the caring, the laughter, the companionship, the good times, the hopes and possibilities? Do they not keep us afloat?

For me, the smell of a rose or gardenia or plumeria or any number of flowers is so exquisite that it gives me faith that there is something very divine involved in the web of the Universe and faith that in the end all will be revealed and understood and justified. I know it seems innocent to believe this, but this in fact, is where my faith lies, and it keeps me buoyant, even though I can imagine that it may not be true.

Many of us are walking this “lonesome valley” surrounded by friends and loved ones, but how deep are these connections? Are they not like the crust of the earth, only so deep, but not to the core. Beside us are those walking it alone, isolated, unloved, sometimes just hobbling along. What about them? Are they not a part of us too? Can anyone be fully happy while others around us are suffering? Must we harden ourselves to maintain our equilibrium in a world full of injustice and cruelty? It seems the psyche of many are created and formed pretty unconsciously as an anecdote to this existential enigma that we all share. That our personalities could be simply a reaction to the reality we find ourselves in, an attempt to maintain our equilibrium in the valley of smiles and tears.

And when you find yourself smiling through your tears and love has touched you to your core, you will know what a rainbow in the mist is all about.

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