New Year Message 2018

A protester rides a horse in Standing Rock Sioux Indian Protest Camp in North Dakota, on Nov. 13, 2016. The pipeline would travel underneath the Missouri River, the primary drinking water source for the Standing Rock Sioux, a tribe of around 10,000 with a reservation in the central part of North and South Dakota.

Well, that was a quick year. most of us survived and for those who didn’t, lets hope that they are immersed in pure unconditional love in the lap of …?? source? And as we move closer to what seems inevitable, the new age of love and light or the tightening grip of those who seem to have little regard for the lives of others and who seem bent on destroying our world. We find ourselves enmeshed in the greatest drama of all time. Meanwhile each of us individually struggles to suck up all the joy we can in the time we have. Unfortunately, we live in the era where you have to pay to live. Imagine when you are born, some one punches a time clock for you and now you must pay for everything, your birth, your life, and your death. Money is such a crazy fiction. It is the chain that divides us, tethers us, and makes us slaves, and freedom becomes a mere fiction, encapsulated in the illusion, like democracy is to have a choice between hillary and trump. It is like a health program where you get to choose between having cancer or a heart attack.

Try to imagine parking meters for horses in the days of cowboys and the wild west? I can remember the nightmare of having to find a parking place in San Francisco, California every time i went anywhere in my car. sometimes it would take half an hour, just looking for a place, then you would have to pay a meter and keep it full or receive a heavy fine. Sometimes, people would physically fight when 2 cars arrived at the same time for a parking place. Also, there were more empty homes than homeless, and there were and are still thousands, but the police would kick them out, every time they would try to occupy and live in one. Such are the contradictions of this age of false, superimposed values that puts everyone out of synch with our true natures, the commercialization of life and the planet. Yet it is accepted world wide as the best possible way. Which gives one a clear insight as to how heavily we have been programmed and conditioned.

But pardon me for dwelling on these negative incongruities that we all must suffer and endure. Because, in reality, especially here in vilcabamba, there is so much to celebrate and be thankful for. I hope that you can characterize your year as having been a good one, full of beauty, mirth and laughter, and lots of love. I hope your friendships deepened and widened, that you have come into your own, that you are shining brightly, that you have fortified your health and have managed to stay afloat, so to speak, keeping a roof over your head, and food in your belly. So many of us are in that sink or swim mode, struggling just to make ends meet. I have been there too, now fortunately, I am over the hump, you might say, as I sail into my golden years a retiree, making my legacy here with Chambalabamba, Vilcabamba’s mostly latino, artist, eco community. I hope that you will come out here to enjoy our space, the swimming lake and river, our events, and our hospitality.

Since I have moved here, back in march, 2010, there is always been this fear that each new year was going to be the year of reckoning, the collapse of the dollar, etc., the environment, totalarization of the world, solar flares, planet x, etc. etc., the year the shit hits the fan. Yet, it seems to only be advancing incrementally, somehow like the proverbial frog in a boiling kettle that is getting hotter and hotter, the people seem to remain asleep, accepting all the incongruities, scandals, revelations, wars, etc as business as usual, asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

However, the indians stand at Standing Rock could become a big enough hole in the matrix, to swing the tide. How ironic it is that the indigenous people of the world are the ones who are standing up to the controlling forces. Right now in Ecuador, it is the Shuar that are experiencing the menacing arm of tyranny and the people here need to support them as it is in N. Dakota, in whatever way we can. As we enter the next new year, it is these 2 little holes in the juggernaut of the matrix that might lead us to our inevitable freedom whether it be in life or in death.

It seems to me that the disasters and injustices will continue and worsen, until we the people get organized and begin to take responsibility for everything in this world, in this life, and really unite as one grand human family. This has been my theme for all these years and I am still yet to see it happen, even here in tiny Vilcabamba. But I/ us/ we are unstoppable and we will never quit. Brothers and sisters, lets make this the year that counts for all of us!!

Mucho Amor, Mofwoofoo

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