A Clown Philosophising

I wonder if there ever is a time when one shouldn’t have a sense of humor? For instance in the deep throes of lovemaking, or at a funeral, or when a tragedy has happened. To me, it seems inappropriate to be making jokes or laughing in those situations, but you can still secretly laugh to yourself if something should strike you as funny.

Sometimes I just want to joke about everything. Though I may seem a bit serious talking to you (me), me, because you are not here right now so I’m not really “talking” to you personally, I just know that if you are kind enough to read what comes through my fingers into your consciousness, and by the way, I take no credit or responsibility for these ideas, as I have no idea where they come from, how they seem to generate themselves almost like clouds forming out of seeming nothingness. Sometimes, I am amazed at what floats through and I hope you are too :+).

To be constantly joking is somewhat out of balance, there is so much to experience, that joking might block sometimes, that is, if it were constant. No, I’m sure that that would be too much and everyone would eventually lose their patience with whoever would do that (not me). Though it is nice to be in good humor, I should hope everyone would agree with that.

My grandmother would take whatever you said seriously. So, I could say the most outlandish things and she would always accept it and proceed as normal. In other words her sense of humor was deeply diminished though she was sweet as apple pie with whipped creme and bits of chirimoya and pitahaya. If you want to take it further, add almond crumbs on top. If I am hungry now, it’s because my thoughts are still hanging on me and if I let them float into oblivion, then I won’t be so hungry. It’s very zen, don’t you think?

Yikes!* I just had the thought that some of you might be like my grandmother, I hope not you personally, but someone else, because if you are, you are missing something that I am hoping to convey. Because, remember, everything has to run through the sieve of whether it is “true”or not. And so much of it just gets thrown into the “I don’t know” pile. Because no matter what I may be saying, realize, that there is always a very good possibility that I’m just joking in some kind of way and I am able to find or create, depending how you look at it, some humor just right out there in front of your face waiting to be laughed at. You can find humor in the most unlikely places but I don’t know about when in the middle of a funeral, or tragic event, or the throes of lovemaking, or something solemn or when you are in a spell, like listening to rapturous music. !Horror!*

But the question that is rarely asked is should there be humor when there already is humor, in other words, could you kill someone by having them laugh too hard or too much? This is a very serious question for a clown, especially a funny one, for one should never use jokes to kill anyone, that has always been an unspoken rule amongst clowns. Every year people die from laughing too hard or too much, sometimes at jokes that aren’t even very funny, this is the most disturbing thing of all for all clowns and some of you as well, I should hope. This article is not one those ha, ha laugh really hard type of articles, so I’m not worried. I’m hoping only, that you are chuckling to yourself, in a relatively mild and tranquil way.

*Yikes, gee whilikers, omg, so many silly things we often say when surprised, maybe we could create a list, some of us, in our spare time. It’s really hard to predict how many there are. This would be good for people who really have nothing to do.

aside: Look, all you young women who “want to get together”, “hook up”with me, you need to contact me first, I don’t like lines, especially at my door. And furthermore, its has to be “with love” or I don’t want it.

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