We are occupied! Speaking about the police presence at the juice factory

Did you ever think about how many countries are under our military occupation? Most people don’t think about this probably because its outside of their existence, and so it is tolerated. But the rooster always returns to his hut, as they used to say or as to say, have you noticed that there is a police presence whenever their is an event and also, any time of the day. Ask them why are they here… for our protection. Protection from what? in the seven years that I have been here I’ve never even seen a fight involving ecuadorians. Its totally peaceful here. There is no problem even with drunks. When there was serious crime the criminals were rarely caught. Wake up, we are under military or police occupation. Hello! You can call it anything you like, but it is what it is. Duh! You is a slave, fool, wakeup, you don’t even know that. They got us lock, stock, and barrel. We are defenseless. The world is under lockdown. Hey, what are you going to do about it? Ha, there is nothing you can do. Checkmate, slave.

The Occupy Wallstreet Movement was really trying to take back what is occupied by the force of the police. They tried to make the park a free space operating on its own. Of course, that couldn’t be sustained.

Looking back, it seems that that might have been overlooked. They would have needed another strategy as to what to do after occupying the park. There had to be another step or it was bound to die. It seems that that hadn’t been considered.

The hopelessness hasn’t taken over me yet. Its still too much for me to react with the horror it deserves. I thought I could find humor everywhere but this was like a black hole where humor couldn’t exist. This is serious as fuck!

We have partially ourselves to blame for having allowed this situation to occur, due to the staggering degree of our ignorance. As pointless as it is to blame anyone. It has clearly been masterminded for some time now and some people took advantage of their advantaged position and figured out how to enslave humanity and did it. Our common purpose must be to unite as fellow slaves and imagine an escape, to achieve freedom with responsibility for all.

Right now, we still have some freedoms: The freedom to be wrong and make mistakes, as long as we can pay for them. The freedom to look within. The freedom to be in jail. The freedom to die for your country. The freedom to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, year in and year out. The freedom to commit crimes and try to get away with it. The freedom to kill yourself. The freedom to beg for money if you have none for food. The freedom to lie down when we are sleeping. We have the freedom to believe we are free.

people say there is natural law, the golden rule, the laws of nature, the law of attraction, there is only one law and that is what ever happens, you have to deal with it. acceptance, you may not like it, but you may as well accept it. you don’t have to capitulate, you can try to do something about it.

and therein lies both our fate and our hope.

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