Have you ever been inside a jail?

Boy hold cage with eye sad and hopeless

Have you ever been inside a jail? A jail is purposely made uncomfortable, dirty, ugly, and dangerous. Torture and prisons, the virtually hidden, unsavory underbelly of our culture of lies. Wars are more in the open as they are considered necessary for our “protection”. I was arrested a number of times in San Francisco for feeding the homeless free organic, vegetarian meals in front of the gov’t. buildings. The excuse, no permit. We were supposed to have a permit to give away free food to hungry people. In fact, there was no permit process and it was an outrageous lie to justify their behavior to the gullible, glib, and unsuspecting public, that for the most part never lifted a finger to support us and carried on with “business as usual”. during the 8 years we were harrassed. We had one poster that had a picture of uncle sam trying to recruit soldiers, saying “War is our business”, which is so clearly true by now, to most “awake” people.

Some of us who could see “the writing on the wall” way back then, have left, while others remain to fight. I left, because it seemed so hopeless, the general public would tolerate the most heinous crimes, it seemed, and they still do. The hard, crowded, ugly and polluted concrete world seemed to house a weak, spineless creature, gullible, and easily manipulated. A creature that would give its life to preserve the system of slavery that told him he was “free”. A system that made him believe that everyone had to pay to live on this planet. Everything is for sale. Such a preposturous idea! Maybe that is why I hate to see the Vilcabamba Boletin/ Newsletter, Vilcabamba’s first fb group and the only one that is for all the people living here, being bilingual since its inception in Nov. 2010 when it was sent out every week as a newsletter without fail to an ever growing list of people, until it morphed into a fb group in aug. 2013, to be used for mostly commercial purposes. Even though I can see the need for it, as long as we all must be under the capitalist grip, the daily struggle to make ends meet to stay alive, “the enslavement”, which we accept and take for granted.

Brainwashed, to live in such a criminally insane world, one must be brainwashed, every day of one’s life; programmed, like a rat in a maze. We are now 32 years passed “1984”, the year George Orwell chose for his prophetic novel. And the scope of the deception or is just beginning to become clear, thanks perhaps to the internet, which can also be another tool for deception as well as a tool for reaching clarity.

Humanity: blind, gullible, lost souls, so malleable, so adaptable, often so adorable, so amazing; sleepwalking through life, manipulated to where love and respect are replaced by weapons of war and brutal hatred. When will humanity ever wake up? We stand at the edge of distinction or extinction, and lemming-like, we crash into the rocks below. There is evidence that many civilizations before us have come and gone, and now maybe its our turn, right at the moment when so many incredible possibilities exist for us, how tragic.

We can’t seem to escape our programming. People still have the need to control, to judge, to gossip, to lie and cheat, to rob and kill, to be false. We are not far from becoming cannibals, a species that ends when there is no one left to eat, the last hungry man (cannibal) eats himself (a suicide). Uroboros, the snake eating its own tail, the symbol for infinity. It would be a better symbol for humanity. Is this our destiny?

Some say, love is the answer, and therein lies our hope. Right now, most of us are “just living”, but is that enough? To ignore the torture and unnecessary suffering that coexists in our paradise, that comes into our sheltered awareness only when someone is murdered or mercilessly beaten in our town? To bring meaning to our lives, perhaps, we need a higher purpose, like living to create a better and more sane and abundant world for everyone, for our children, a world where no one has to pay anything to live, survive, or thrive. A world where there is no “programming”, to live in freedom filled with love and respect for all. Why do I keep coming back to this same theme, like a broken record? Maybe because I am waiting for you to join with me, to stop your complacency and acceptance, to use this fb group not only for commercial purposes, which are necessary, but as meeting place to share ideas and dreams to lift ourselves into a more beautiful world for everyone. Because i will never stop, i will never give up, and I will keep waiting for you (while having as much fun as I can).

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