What About Some FUN?

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If you have ever observed children, it seems that no matter what the culture, all they ever want to do is play, to have fun. I think the same is true of adults, except that adults are burdened by responsibilities and also, seem to have forgotten how to play. Still, adults like to have fun, it seems, just like children, that is, as much as possible. Observe the rich, they often have more free time, and money to spend on fun, and how do they “have fun”? Drugs, sex, gambling, seeking stimulation (i.e. music, movies, entertainment, reading), or riding an elephant in Africa, or indulging in luxury and comfort, traveliing. Eating is a big one. Doing creative things alone and with othersIt seems harder to have fun as an adult than as a child who has kids to play with and some space, preferably in nature.

Watching 2 year olds play: they chase each other and they immitate each other. its very basic, but they are open to anything. How boring is scrabble? OK, people play sports into adulthood, and many just watch sports on tv or in person, vicariously. I would like to major in “fun” at some university, but I don’t believe it exists anywhere as a course for study. It should. It seems to have been overlooked. It might be good to understand more about it, since it is a life-long pursuit. Now people have a lot of fun, working their smartphones. Great conversations are fun, but for many, they are hard to come by.

Some elites have fun hunting and killing animals or looking for treasure under the sea or on land. Some enjoy manipulating and having power over others. What is one of the worst things you can do to someone? Put him in a cage with nothing to have fun with, make him be bored eternally, like someone who has to endure solitary confinement. There are people living in that condition for decades. How do they keep from going crazy? I don’t think anyone knows. I think many do go crazy, but some don’t. But in any case, it is one of the worst tortures, to be deprived of “fun”.

I think the best adult fun is through creativity; art, improvisation, doing theater, music, singing, dancing, painting, writing, etc.
What about exploring the psyche with plant medicine or LSD? Getting close to “God”, becoming “whole”, holy, or the best version of oneself.. What about helping others, saving lives, self-less service? Satisfying real human needs is fun. What about simple things, breathing fresh air, looking at nature, sitting quietly, relaxing, resting, doing nothing?
Intellectual pursuits, learning, investigating, studying.

“Love” can be lots of fun, romantic or otherwise. Opening to love, to find love in everything, in others, to be full of love, to have loving relationships, loving friends, a loving family.

Meeting great challenges can be fun, mastering something. Look at Elon Musk, he must have fun making rockets that can go to Mars, or making the best electric car in the world and saving the planet from gas combustible machines.

Are you fun? Are you fun to be with? Are you getting your fairshare of fun? To be funny is fun. Most people aren’t that funny, they lack wit and are too serious, it seems. How can one change that? Is your attitude lighthearted?

When I grow up, I want to be a fun guy, a fungi, I want my life to mushroom.

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