How often have we been disappointed by people we know and sometimes love? Why does this happen? Are we doing something wrong? When people don’t do what you think they should do, its disappointing. If you are really nice or generous with someone, do you think that they would appreciate it and treat you kindly in return? You are giving because you want to, not to receive something in return, other than the normal respect that is due to all humans. But often one doesn’t even get that. I might think that somehow it is my fault, that I am doing something wrong or there is something inside me that isn’t right, that I need to learn something important, but I don’t know what it is. I could always be more loving, less self oriented, more compassionate, more empathetic.

I want my legacy to be to have created a great community, an example of how people can live when they are united in this endeavor and I have discovered that people will, instead of taking advantage of this unusual and great opportunity, those, that get to live in this paradise, they would rather just continue to take and not give their fair share of the responsibility that it takes to make a great community. It takes a community to make a community. It takes everyone to make it work. It is too tenuous to carry people who don’t share this attitude. Our community is an example of anarchy where everyone is equal and has a voice, and has autonomy.However anarchy without organization is chaos.

I mean the community needs to grow its own food and care for the grounds, the structures, the infrastructure, to keep things clean and repaired, to look after one another. To share in the responsibilities with enthusiasm. You get to forsake the matrix and live in beautiful nature, with fresh air, water, and plants. You can enjoy the tranquility and peace, the amenities, the lake, the stage, the recording studio, the carpentry shop, the camaraderie, everything. Its the greatest place for your children to grow up. What is important is that no one should be doing something out of “obligation”, but rather, only because they “want to”. The motivation needs to come from within and when people don’t have this, they shouldn’t be living in a community, because all work for the community feels obligatory and is not coming from the heart and being done with love.

Around 1970, an international community in Auroville, India was started by a spiritual woman, called, The Mother. She had a vision that this would be a place for 50,000 people who would share the area and work together and advance in their personal spiritual evolution. For the first few years people arrived from all over the world and they built with great enthusiasm. One of the persons was here in Vilcabamba and told me how great it was. But after awhile, things settled down and it became a classic example of neo colonialism, which is what we have in Vilcabamba. Neo colonialism is just something that happens when you are under capitalism. A great place is found and foreigners come to live there, the prices go up, and eventually the local inhabitants become a servant class for the foreigners. Its no one’s fault, its capitalism.

The point here however is why does it seem inevitably that the initial enthusiasm for altruistic and cooperative living dwindles and eventually returns to the old paradigm of individualism verses cooperation? Is it because of the heavy conditioning and the illusion of separation? I honestly, don’t know why it happens so frequently. And I would love to have a clearer understanding in order to find a way around it.

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