What If the Mystery of Death was Revealed?

The scope of it all is great, but we live in the details, the minitiae, the cracks, the latest moment, we are soaked in the passing time, to the bone. we are always so personal with ourselves, ha, ha. . Time is moving so fast such that i was young and now i’m old. What happened? Lots, but maybe, not enough. Now, its all happening. Its rolling now. It started out very slow, but now, it is full and time cannot hold and we are all rushing downsteam at breakneck speed. They say devil’s slide is just up ahead. That will be a real pounding, expect to be wet, broken, and drowned. Don’t be afraid. We all must die one way or another. Its only a few seconds before u hit the head smashing bottom. The body has no real substance, it is only a “process”. To remove the life force that animates the body, sometimes one needs some hard shocks and then its free, to travel on or to disappear forever. The stakes are as high as they can get.

It had to be this way. Can you imagine if everyone actually knew what happens after death? It would change everything. You might not want to live. You might say, why bother? or you might want to die, because that might be better than living this life. Assume that it was that once you die, you enter oblivion and there is nothing, similar to before birth, forever. life was just a blip on the screen of eternity, not hardly worth remembering. Or, it could be the greatest thing that could happen to anyone, now you are immersed in pure love, you are one with the totality. Knowing this, everyone would probably commit suicide. So, the  mystery is necessary for us to want to live as long as we can and to soak up all the positives we can.
I am at the age that people tend to die. Now I hear of people that I went to school with have died. I think, that was their life? filled with desires, fears, and hopes, and now it is over. That was it? Somehow it doesn’t seem enough. This gift of life promises so much, but how much do we actually get? Some slave away endlessly, shop, clean, watch tv, raise children, endure poverty, sickness, etc. Yet the differences in lives can be so vast. Some have lives that seem so fantastic. There is obviously a huge range in the quality of people’s lives. Some people don’t dare to dream, others, only dream, but never do. I realize my dreams since 2000. I started late. And I like to dream big. Perhaps if you don’t live your dreams, you never really live.

“Life is but a dream”, implying that there is much illusion and little that is substantial. Perhaps one needs to impose one’s personal dream on the whole dream. Its a little like lucid dreaming, being aware that you are dreaming. To be aware of the fleeting, tenuous nature of one’s existence, of one’s identity, People spend their whole lives trying to figure out “reality”, so many religions for this, total speculation in my opinion. However there are a few luminaries in recent times that I think have it figured out like Nisergadatta Maharaj, Ramani Maharshi, and others. At least it seems so to me. But always I must conclude that I really don’t know much for certain. Though it seems that to live from one’s heart is essential.

The mysteries of life make for  uncertainty, the condition of life, and uncertainty give a space for infinite possibilities. So embrace the mysteries, uncertainty and rejoice.

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