A Ridiculous Animal

To live virtuously, nobly, living your principles is a spiritual path, just like being thankful whenever a dog is not barking. These are relatively easy things for every human being. Many people may be compromised and parasitic, but they could drop all that and regain their humanity. Of course capitalism creates a rapacious tone that is linked to crime and corruption. And we are all under its sway, its grip. It seems so absurd to have to pay to live on this planet. We are the only creatures in nature that do this. There is no other way to make everyone accountable for their actions, many people falsely assume. There is always much work that needs to be done and someone has to do it or civilizations would just disappear like the pyramids of mexico. Nature is unstoppable, and we are nature

We are all trapped by the powers that be and we must transform ourselves to rise to the occasion. We are trapped because capitalism makes it impossible for us to see ourselves as one. It pits us against one another. We can never unite under capitalism. Its predator and prey, all the way.

Perhaps we need to think of ourselves as all the same kind of animal. Most animals find the best way to live. Think of herds of buffalo, or musk oxen, they live as one, in a way that is best for all. Monkeys are more like humans and can live in a group that has toxic behavior. We are all experiencing life as a human. A very different kind of animal. Perhaps the most ridiculous animal of all, with our clothes, makeup, the way we walk and dance, so many things about us are ridiculous, but do not forget that ridiculousness has a very sacred aspect. If you think about it for a second, one could imagine that all of us have something divine shot through us, that makes us such a different kind of animal. Knowing this, is what is unifying. Oh, you are my long lost brother … to feel that way towards everyone. To leave the illusion of separation.

We can be controlled simply by the beliefs we hold. Chains and handcuffs are hardly necessary. Its just like George Orwell’s Animal Farm story.

“I call on my ancestors. I do not know them by name, I do not know what part of the world they’re from. But I ask them to help align my purpose with our highest collective purpose.” someone else said that. Camus writes: “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

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