It’s All Kind of Funny, Isn’t It?

Is everything actually funny? There are so many ways to perceive. Painters may be more aware of colors and beauty, poets perceive things poetically, hopefully with a refined sensibility, drunkards perceive in a blurry fashion, police perceive suspiciously, conspiracy theorists perceive absolutely, musicians perceive sonorously, insurance salesman perceive everything as a potential client, comics and clowns see the humor in everything, doctors look for symptoms, women perceive ….and so on…

And what about implications? So many things could have implications. Take for instance my opening question, is everything actually funny? what are the implications? is this not an irreverent attitude, flippant maybe? surely not everything is funny. Is cancer, suffering, death, cruelty, torture, hunger (actually that could go under suffering) bad jokes, funny? Hebephrenia is a psychological disorder known as laughing sickness. People with this affliction can’t stop laughing. The shrink gives you a test. It is filled with good jokes and bad jokes, if you laugh at the bad jokes you could be diagnosed as hebephrenic.

There should be something similar for those who love sappy music, but I don’t think psychology has advanced that far yet. But you can see there could be a thin line between finding humor in everything and being crazy. There could be a thin line between everything and being crazy, when you think about it. Compare the Ecuadorian culture with the say, American culture. The Ecuadorians don’t seem to be very crazy, at least to me. For me, in America everyone seemed a bit crazy, just about. There could be many reasons for this. My guess, it has to do with the culture. Take away the Ecuadorians culture, and they might start to go crazy. It seems to give them a certain balance and groundedness. Now, the American culture on the other hand is very thin, in my opinion, its not like any other culture, it is so highly commercialized, and doesn’t have a long history or depth like most other cultures. People can’t use it to help them keep their inner balance, hence the high degree of “insanity”/ addictions. Of course it could be many other possibilities, I can only offer my conjectures.

Its funny, getting back to the topic, when you think of it, how crazy the foreigners seem to be, and really “crazy” is pretty subjective. I could be talking about the fact that perhaps we foreigners or new arrivals seem to talk about, do, or be concerned about things that aren’t really necessary and this could be construed as “crazy” by others.

It could show in our behavior, our gestures, the tone of our voice, our laughter, how we dress, walk, our expressions, our relations, the depths of our connections, our “default” attitude, our sense of joy or lack thereof, our fears, our ability to give and receive love, our compassion for others or lack thereof, our genuineness, authenticity, our self-love, our confidence, our inner calm, or level of anxiety, our cluelessness, our inability to focus or hold things in our attention for long. Like for instance, all of those who were unable to read this far, perhaps you suffer from this, you miss out, but I guess, you will never know, but I forgive you, it could be that what I say just isn’t riveting enough for you, you need “harder drugs”, so to speak. No, really it’s alright. I could think it’s like if we were talking and all of a sudden you just walked away, right in the middle of our conversation, without a word. Of course, I would be struck… had I offended him, her, them, bored him, her, them, what happened? But with the intimacy implicit in these internet exchanges, to get back to “implications” for just a second, there is also the secrecy. Anyone can stop reading this whenever the impulse hits them, and I would never know, so…. no problem. They would just miss out on where this is all leading to and what is in between as well and never really get to know me at all, and in the future, I would walk around the plaza, and some of the people really wouldn’t know me much and we might just enjoy a barely superficial relationship, and one could laugh at that, though it’s not really funny, but maybe one is afraid to get to know some people, one is afraid that once they get to know them they won’t like them. I mean, I have to admit to being like this in my life at times. It’s all so funny.

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