Maybe No one Has to Die or Age

You know just because so far no one has been able to stay alive, and it seems like everyone must die, doesn’t mean that it will always be this way. Yet, everyone seems to believe that it is necessary to die, since that is what we have seen so far, even though right now there are more people alive then ever before. It is perhaps our strongest belief. but like all beliefs, it might not be true. For example, people don’t just die from “old age”, they die for some reason, like their heart gives out or they get cancer, etc. What if science figures out how to stop whatever is diminishing with time, and find a way to replenish it or keep it going? And to not only keep us from dying, but also to keep us from ageing. this is what they are doing right now.

A “Harvard study focused on part of the cell division process called ‘telomere shortening.’ If you picture a chromosome as an X-shaped unit of DNA, the telomeres are the little caps at the end of each strand.

As cells divide, their DNA splits in half to form two new cells – but a bit of genetic information is lost at the end of each strand with each division. That’s what telomeres are for – they contain a bunch of useless DNA that acts as a buffer zone so that no important DNA is lost from our chromosomes. Gradually, over time, the telomere erodes away to a level where each cell division actually starts destroying bits of important DNA – and this gets to a point where the cell can no longer reproduce itself. You can imagine what that starts doing to bodily organs as time goes by.” (…/…/).

So, you can see, this is not just fanciful thinking, it is a possibility in the future. Now imagine if this were available for humanity and people stopped dieing and ageing. Then what? We would really have a population problem, which would be getting worse with every new birth. It seems like an impossible problem to resolve in an humane way. So one great solution, no more ageing, no more death leads to an unresolvable problem. You win some and you lose some. Besides death might be the greatest thing that every happens to anyone. It is quite possible that upon dying one has the immediate sensation of being engulfed in infinite unconditional love and all the mysteries of the universe might be revealed.

We would miss out on this. It could be a case of being too smart for our own good. There seem to be many such problems looming over us like the proverbial expression coined by Cicero around 200BC, the sword of Damocles is always hanging over us, hanging by a horse hair. Cloning and artificial intelligence are examples to name a few.

Also, one must realize, that death adds a profound dimension to this life, it motivates us to get going, to do something before it is too late, and to appreciate whatever you have because it will not last forever. So even death has its positive and negative sides, and shouldn’t be discounted as something totally bad, besides, the fact that death makes room for more of us to inhabit this 3 dimensional space which we call Earth.

And now there are many very convincing videos purporting that the Earth is actually flat, and they all are convincing ( Of course, I find in my infinite innocence or lack of ability to discern, that almost any video I watch is totally convincing.

Imagine what it would mean for marriages. It would mean that one would be committing not to a lifetime, but to being together to the end of time or infinitely. Now that is a big commitment to make, and maybe with unlimited time on our hands, marriage would drop out of favor. Already, it seems to me a lot like self-imprisonment, though i am sure that there are many who are quite happily married.

Really the only thing really bad about getting old is ageing and the “fact” of approaching death. It seems now that science can reverse this. I would give everything I have and more if I could be 27 right now. But then we would run out of room on this planet and one might spend their whole lives just looking for a parking space.

Harvard team successfully reverses the aging process in mice
Harvard scientists have discovered that by controlling certain genetic processes in mice, they can not only slow down the aging process, but “dramatically” reverse it…

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