How we might begin to respond the U.N. warning concerning the tragedy of climate change once its passed the tipping point

The warning that the U.N. recently put out, that the tipping point for climate change maybe only a few years away, affects everyone alive today. Unfortunately, I have heard that it is a watered down version of the situation and that the situation is far worse in that we may have already passed the tipping point and there is no way to stop the oncoming tragedy. Whatever may be the case, I am the type that would want to do everything imaginable to stop it regardless of what the scientists say and fight it all the way.

The question is how do we get humanity to act? I certainly don’t wish to rely on governments. The only idea that I have is for their to be one, only one website that coordinates all the efforts that humanity can make in this regard. It should be a website that already has a huge number of clients. Wikipidea is about the 4th largest website on the internet and has a humanistic intention. I believe that this website could create a very large subsection to coordinate everyone with a multitude of volunteers to help in the monumental task. To make everything accessable, clear, and uptodate as possible. To arrange things in many different categories, from location, to type of remediation, whether for land, sea, air, or energy.

In a sense it would be uniting a large part of humanity and with this unification there might be some power to influence governments to act and to aid the effort in coordination with all of humanity. For example, the idea to bring in all or most of the United States’ military to be put to work doing remedial tasks. Or to allocate funds, perhaps as much as 300 trillion dollars to have airplanes drop enough earth between the reactors of fukashima to creat a half mile or whatever of land. to distance the reactors from the ocean; to find a way to deal with the ongoing oil contamination of the Caribbean Sea. To find a way to convert meat eaters to vegetarians, to convert all cars to not use gasoline, perhaps to end capitalism and all governments and instead use sociocracy to organize autonomous areas everywhere, such that distribution of resources is done so that all of humanity is cared for, to end all activities that despoil the planet, etc. There are so many possibilities, but first we need one website to coordinate all the efforts of humanity.

Also, it is good to know of Paul Hawkins’ website: with 100 ways to stop global warming.

If anyone knows how to contact Jimmy Wales, the owner of Wikipidia and/ or George Monbiot, journalist for England’s newspaper, The Guardian, as he shares similar concerns and is influential, please contact me and feel free to share your ideas about this here.

For your information I am the founder of a mostly latino, artist, eco community in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (

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