I can remember being acutely concerned about what other people might think to the point that my behaviour was somewhat inhibited. Consciously, I was able to get over that one. when I was a teenager I was so shy, that i didn’t befriend people who i admired, now all of my friends, I admire. i used to be too lacking in confidence to follow my dreams, i finally got over that one, unfortunately rather late in life, now that is all I do. I got over my fear of dancing at age 16. my fear of public speaking around age 31. fear of being an actor, age 28, fear of singing in public, in my forties, fear of approaching women romantically, still working on that, fear of dying, still working on that. I faced violence fearlessly in my late 30’s as a non-violent activist.

Fears stifle our lives and need to be confronted and overcome if one wishes to live freely.

I stepped out of competing or comparing with others when in my early forties. I overcame my lack of self love, by cultivating the understanding that in reality, there is no “self” to love or not love. There is only love.

It seems, to really be living, one must constantly grow, learn, and evolve. When I was young, I was aware of feeling hollow inside. I don’t feel that way any more, I’m glad to say. I like to be alone a lot, and I also like company a lot. The better connections I have with people, the better I feel. I like to accomplish a lot every day. I like to be on vectors that make my existence always keep improving. I love good health and do everything I can to maintain it.

I love to express myself artistically and personally. I love to make good things happen, to help manifest wonderful things, I am a producer. I love to help others whenever I can and treat everyone equally and kindly. I love to kiss someone that I love, but that is not happening.

I love the feeling of cooperation and collaboration. I need beauty all the time. I love to not be too serious, to live in a light-hearted manner. i love to be witty and make people laugh. I love to cultivate humility. I love children. I love our ducks, one lets me pet him. I love Chambalabamba, everyone is so wonderful. I love Vilcabamba, Ecuador, it has so many wonderful features. I love life, it never ceases to amaze me, with its endless possibilities, its intrigues and mysteries, its high stakes and drama, its endless streaming love.

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