To Scam or Be Scammed That is the Question, But Really You Can Be Both

Predators and prey, which one are you? Life is a scam, everything is false. Eat or be Eaten. Wakeup! We are like children in our innocence, those of us who are muddling along trying to do good.

First, it helps to understand energy, because we need energy to live. Do you think you already do? They say that energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. Simply put, it is what it takes to be able to do stuff. Almost all our energy comes from the sun, and also from electric magnetic waves that bombard the Earth from outer space. Plants know how to take the energy from the sun directly and store it up. Then animals steal the energy of the plants by eating them. Then humans steal it from the animals or plants by eating them. The sun makes the wind flow and the waters to move. It took humans a long time to figure how to use the energy. First, they discovered that they could simply burn wood and the energy stored in the wood would explode out in the form of fire. This was good to sit next to or to cook with. then they figured a way to use water to move things by inventing the waterwheel, to grind grain, etc. When they figured out how to use it to make steam, they made a big step forward and could use the steam to drive engines. And so on.

This stealing of energy is how life survives, predator and prey. So it almost seems natural for humans to do the same thing, not only on plants, animals, and inanimate matter, but also on humans as well. And this is the situation that we are actually in. It could be a robber who wants to take your energy, or it could be more sophisticated, where it isn’t so blatant, like being taxed, or sold something that doesn’t benefit you or that actually harms you, like gmo food perhaps, cheated, or it could be exploiting your labor; scams. Which one are you, predator or prey? Its quite possible that you are both. Wakeup! See what is really going on. If humanity is going to wake up and adjust to this reality such that we at least stop preying off one another, so we can remove the anxiety and threat of living in this seemingly inhumane, cannibalistic manner, we need to first wake up and see the trees for the forest, as the expression goes. Right now, its a free-for-all, and the sneakiest, most unethical are on the top. We need to change this, if we want to make a better, safer, more just and humane, more abundant, and happier world. We could remove the need for crime, corruption, and war as these are merely examples of the predator/ prey paradigm.

Governments and capitalism are merely major parts of the scam. Democracy is bullshit, It gives the illusion that one has a say in the ways things are. Governments exist only by virtue of force. Capitalism gives the illusion that one is free when the reality is that all are enslaved only with the possibility to be a house niggah rather than a field niggah. These are merely frameworks to program us to give us the illusion that we are free.To survive this wicked system, people often prey on others, develop their own scams, and thus, become even further enmeshed in this systemic delusion. We can do better than this.

i don’t wish to come off as too cynical, so i will add that i also like to believe that behind or under everything is love.

Step one: Wakeup!

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