The Quicksands of Delusion

The Quicksands of Delusion

It’s amazing how far the eyes can see. Its amazing how the earth, the soil we walk on, the very same soil that we call dirt, that we cover with cement provides all lthe nutrients necessary for such a wide assortment of seeds to grow into all the plants that cover the planet, the plantit it should be called. It is amazing how the air that is so serene can become so violent and yet it keeps us alive. And how water keeps cleaning everything and at the same time sustains all of life. It really is amazing, when you think about it. Of course, if I had created it, I would have made rain warm chocolate with many colors, but I am not complaining. Its amazing that the world as we know it, so complex, so infinite and teeming with life, so huge and so small all works together somehow. Only our species, it seems can wonder and be filled with awe and be so awfull at the same time. It is so much easier to destroy than to create.

When actions don’t serve love, but rather serve ego (our false sense of identity) things go astray, we step away or out of the divine alignment of everything. Yet, from the consequences of our actions we can see that we have strayed and we can adjust and return to the divine alignment one might hope. But the ego, the grand illusion, can blind us such that we don’t self correct and the misalignment deepens to the point that mass murder (war) is accepted and goes unpunished, along with mass extinction, pollution, etc.

How crazy we have become from I believe, this false idea of who we are. How is it that in many large s. american cities there are children living on the streets with no one to take care of them and no resources? How is this permitted? How can mankind standby and not correct this? I appeal to all billionaires and milliionaires to buy a large tract of land in beautiful nature and construct villages for them to live and grow up with every advantage.

While capitalism pits man against man in order to survive and is inherently a system that serves ego, it can serve love some times. Though it is not clear if capitalism is the seminal factor that generates war, it seems so. Certainly capitalism is the mother of crime and corruption. But deeper than the imposition of capitalism and the resultant commercialization of all life, perhaps is the need for humanity to develop a consciousness of connection and love that one might find in a nondysfuntional family. So that war, crime, pollution, and street children would never be possible.

Which takes us back to our fundamental delusion, the concept of who we are as individuals. The idea that we are not the drop in the ocean, but that the ocean is in the drop. If one were to simply examine the body and discover that we are made up of many different forms of life that we call bacteria, that outnumber our cells we could see how “me” really only refers to our consciousness, our individual perspective and nothing else. It doesn’t define us any more than our name defines us. Living under this illusion of who we are is what needs to be broken if we are to survive and enjoy all the gifts that we have been given. We are given the gift of nuclear energy and what do we do with it, we make a bomb. We are given the gift of sight and we make rifles with telescopic sights. It seems blasphemous, but what good does it do to blame? The serial killer murders innocents, but why? Because perhaps, he was terribly abused as an infant. Blaming is missing the point, What is more important is to understand the root cause, if we are to ever extract ourselves from the quicksand of our delusion

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