Everything is Constantly Falling Apart

Everything is constantly falling apart (an opinion of someone who only knows that he only knows nothing for sure)

Everything is constantly falling apart. You can call it the “law of entropy”. We had 3 leaks in one roof last night, Breakage can’t be stopped, only delayed. One needs to fix things all the time almost. Why isn’t this taught in schools; how to fix things? Its fun to know how things work. Glass is just asking to be smashed. Hearts are broken everytime a relationship ends. Machines are going to break. Cars are constantly needing repairs. Teeth are falling out. Refrigerators need repairs as do washing machines eventually. Don’t ever buy a used one. “Relationships are sinking ships”, Osho said. Agreements are broken. Trust is betrayed. Buildings are bombed or earthquaked. Everything gets polluted. Where does it end? It doesn’t, nations fall apart, stocks crash, financial systems go bankrupt. Computers fail.

Everything needs to be fixed constantly. This however may be a clue as to what is the purpose of our lives; to fix things. If we are not handy or technical we need someone who is. Otherwise we are lost, we end up surrounded by broken machines and tools, broken marriages, It could all be leading to the point where there is nothing one can do other than meditate. And then who will fix the world? Is this not the grand purpose for everyone? Why were we born into a world of enslavement, injustice, and poverty? Because we are here to fix it and create a paradise for everyone. It seems obvious to me. Once we create paradise our purpose might be just to flow and be a part of the love that is everywhere, though we will still have to occasionally fix things, or let the robots do it.

Can you align yourself with your soul? Can you live virtuously and nobly without any shame or guilt in your emotional vocabulary? Can you above all else, just be love? Can you identify with that? Satisfying the ego (who we think we are, but really aren’t) is just like eating sugar candy. It feels good, but its bad for the body. Satisfying the ego doesn’t serve your soul. One must constantly notice if what one does, satisfies the ego or comes from the heart and with time, one only will come from the heart. It is a practice. This is fixing your life. Don’t waste it, its passing by so fast, leave/ live with no regrets.


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