Talking About Love

The infinite facets of the jewel called love is what makes up what we call existence. Every drop of rain, every blade of grass, leaf, smile, star, kaleidoscoping, endless creation, you and me. We are all a part of it. We can breathe love, drink it, eat it, touch it, smell it, be it. The ubiquitous quality of love, like the ever present sound of the river (where I live), makes it fade in our conscioiusness and we
forget, and get mesmorized by form and need, and fall into a waking sleep, sleepwalking through our lives. The more awake one is, the more aware one is of the constant cascade of love that makes our world. To
see the love in everything throughout each day is where I wish to keep my focus, to try it even for five minutes at a time and then to extend it, is a practice.

Where is the love in the acts that we perceive as unloving? It is hiding. People hide their love, some go to such an extent as to harm others, their love is like a treasure deep in the bowels of a rocky mountain, seemingly, impossibly lost, irretrievable, but just imagine, it is there, waiting to be unearthed.
Our mission: to unearth the love that lays hidden in the souls of the seemingly lost, the soldiers, the police, the politicians, the rude, the haters, perhaps the person sitting next to you.

Love is the bottom line. We live in a world where profit is the bottom line. We must change this. Can we awake to the love that connects us all? We need models for this. We need to notice this. Ego is showing false love, real love is being hidden. We must go deeper than ego. Love is selfless giving. Love seeks no reward. It is not trading or buying or selling, though these too can be done in a loving way, it is giving.

Love is obvious when we see a mother or father caring for their baby. The baby is so well cared for, every need it has is met immediately, it is so clean and comfortable. It is happy most of the time, it feels secure because its every need is acknowledged and responded to. We feel so happy when it smiles or laughs.I wish we all treated one another like this. Cultivate love, keep it bubbling, like water on the stove, like a happy, splashing river. Who are the masters of love? Who are the slaves to love? Is there a difference?

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