Betrayal (Talking about Gov’ts.)

Tom OsherOct 24 · 4 min read

The governments of the world have betrayed us, betrayed humanity. They are guilty of crimes against humanity. They have destroyed societies, nations. They have created the refugee problem. They are guilty of the most heinous crimes imaginable and humanity has allowed it, accepted it, In this sense, humanity is implicated. Nowadays, there are protests happening everywhere, planned and spontaneous. The corrupted authorities are too apparent, too murderous, too insane, too greedy, too criminal. The psychopaths that rise to the top, that take power need to be punished or rehabilitated. They need to be sentenced to service to humanity under controlled circumstances. They have damaged everyone’s lives. They have deprived of us of our freedom. They have enslaved us. They have corrupted many of us, i.e. the police and the armies that serve them and not us.

Everytime we revolt and install another government the whole things continues. When will humanity learn to stop making the same mistake over and over again. The forces of evil, you know who I am talking about control authoritative, top-down governments, from behind the scenes. Its not a secret John Perkins published his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman in 2004, which makes it very clear how through subterfuge the controllers corrupt and take over governments. The world needs to read this or see the video.

The way to prevent this once and for all is to govern horizontally, decentralized with direct democracy, not with a president, premier, dictator, or “elected official”. They cannot be trusted as history continually teaches us. Rather, with a circle of citizens from each sector of society, where it is impossible for them to profit from their positions and highly illegal with severe penalties. Betrayal is the same as treason, a major crime, a major abuse of trust. In most countries its punishable by death. But these villains have not been prosecuted.

How does corruption affect our lives? Let me count the ways. It tilts the playing field so that the few have the advantage over the majority. It creates poverty for the many. It allows for the exclusion of resources to fringe groups, minorities, and many of the rest of us, It keeps people in a forever insecure economic state. It corrupts the people. It encourages crime and swindle. The police serve the corrupted, not the people. The same with the military and thus are corrupted, along with the bureacracy, the courts. Money is wasted on the mililtary, the world’s biggest polluters and the police and deprives social services. Things are done for money and not for the good of the people. Cheating and lying has become the norm. People have to work long hours to make ends meet. The injustices that it creates causes violence and crime. Just to name a few. In a word, it adds a lot of unnecessary pain to our lives in a monumental way.

Imagine living in a world without corruption, war, poverty, or crime. It is up to humanity to unify and change the systems of corruption once and for all.


Ok, I will respond to my own article, since, it seems hardly anyone reads this, and I am someone who has lots of ideas:

We must try to avoid violence. We can demand or collect signatures, whatever it takes to put on the ballot, a choice to change the government to a horizontal, decentralized, leaderless kind of gov’t., like I described in Rojava. To minimize corruption, illegalize war, criminalize murder by government, use the military budget for social needs and for climate crisis and to give the power back into the hands of citizens. We can vote on it. We can also go after the government in court for their abuses and lies.

One other suggestion: Upgrade the protests. We are still protesting pretty much the same as we did in the sixties. The same 2, 4, 6, 8, what about the government, do we hate, etc. This stupid, sophmoric, boring rhythem, weirdly, is done all over the world. Lets get out of that rut.

My suggestion is that we also spend some time doing improvisational singing, perhaps in groups in the huge crowds, maybe it is impossible to do with thousands of people at the same time, because to improvise sing, that is, one person starts it off with a repetitive riff, and others come in to complement the sound with rhythems, harmonies, and sometimes melodies, all totally original, with no genre, with the idea for the sounds to be musical, not just sounds, to go in the direction of making music, totally spontaneous.

My first time doing this was when we were protesting nuclear testing in the Nevada desert around 1990, which just happened to be where the Navajo people lived. A Navajo elder set up a sweatlodge and 40 of us went in, sitting around the hot, hot rocks, sweating, and he explained how we should improvise sing, no one could hardly see anyone it was so dark inside. We sang for over an hour and the spontaneous, original music was breathtakingly beautiful. I will never forget it, after that I would do it with musicians and musical people at weekly jams in San Francisco. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it didn’t get off the ground, so to speak.

What is important is to listen to the others and to blend in in some way, and sometimes for a more advanced musician to make up a melody that would go in front of the rhymic sounds of the group. Its lots of fun and its magical when the group is creating original sounding music spontaneously without a leader that is beautiful. In a way it is a metaphor for the new kind of government, leaderless, with everyone making it up, both as creators and by being a part of it. And its a glimpse into the new beautiful world we want to create.

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