Message to the World Protesters

Have you noticed how it seem the whole world is rising up right now? It could be that people everywhere are sick of being under corrupt governments for centuries. There have been rebellions, protests, and revolutions, but the grip of corrupt governments has only gotten tighter. People are used to it. They hardly question it. They are used to accepting the unacceptable every day of their lives. They just have no idea how to change it.

Try to imagine that I have a big first step idea of how to actually do it. Something a little different. Something that every protester should be thinking about. Because I don’t know if you noticed, but it seems quite likely that hardly anyone knows what to do, if the opportunity arises to kick out the incumbents in government. There is no plan and there are millions of people. Perhaps there are no leaders. One question is who has the ear of the people? Is there a particular media that everyone knows of? How can they coordinate anything? How can they govern themselves without corruption? What can they do different without anyone imposing things on everyone? What about the military and the police? What role shall they play if any? Its easy to empathize with the protesters because it is complicated and there are many different concerns, but mainly how to proceed in the most just way?

Here is my answer, tell me if it doesn’t make sense and if not, why? We need to change to governing ourselves in a horizontal manner, instead of vertical, top to bottom, . There need not be any leader. Decentralized, direct democracy, from the bottom up, confederations made up of cities and towns with their horizontal organizing, working together.

Who is going to lead or organize, such that everyone can see that the ideas are agreeable to everyone if possible. A good facilitator could do this on some national media, or perhaps on the internet, or speaking at a rally, working in a manner similar to how they made decisions during the Occupy Wallstreet occupation.

First to declare that you are a group of citizens who wish to change the way we have been governed. Rather than “being governed”, we will govern ourselves and for ourselves. There will be no over-arching authority. We will use direct democracy, decentralization, collaboration. You will need a media outlet that everyone is listening to and someway to discuss things.

Next, the circle needs to explain what horizontal governing is very clearly and then the populace can vote on whether to install it. Making the point that this an experiment to see if corruption can be kept out of the government, once and for all.

People from each sector would occupy seats in their perspective circles of responsibility, the different sectors i.e. water, food distribution and production, commerce, property, security, etc., all the different departments of a city, to keep everything functioning properly and harmoniously. They would make proposals and decisions for their sector while being accountable to the whole at the same time.

We will all be working on creating the best circumstances for everyone. Money over time will diminish in its utility, and slowly be phased out with a more cooperative, just, and effective system, always refining, improving. There are many ideas already for this. If these ideas may seem somewhat general, it is for each country or “autonomous zone” to fill in the particulars and find their own best solutions. I am just giving you a raw outline of the steps to take; to have an election not for a president or leader but to agree to govern horizontally, once it is clearly understood by everyone. This will minimize the possibility of corruption and give control back to the people, finally.

You can study how to do this by watching videos on sociocracy or the somewhat similar ideas of Abdullah Catalan, ( ) the political prisoner in solitary confinement for over 20 years, who has been influenced by the writing of Murray Bookchin. The people of Rojava, Syria have taken his writings to heart and created a society based on horizontal governing that has been functioning for 8 years while being besieged on all four sides, Syria, Turkey (bombing them now), Iran, and ISIS. They are the model.

Imagine if this happened all over the world. Instead of continuing as before, we change the system to stop corrupt authority, which is a huge betrayal of the trust of the citizens, it is really high treason. And we live free of corrupt government. You can’t really imagine how great that would be for everyone.

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