The Clown Within 10/4/14

Lets explore, peel away the layers, go deep within, look hard to know oneself. Imagine an onion, and you peel off each layer, until there is nothing left, except the awareness of that. We could be very much like the device used in the checkout line at the grocery store, when the worker swipes the tag in front of it, it registers the value and that is what you pay. We do pretty much the same thing with the experiences that passes in front of our senses and into our awareness.

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Imagine a hollow tire or a torus actually, it seems infinite, if we are inside, and it is large enough that one cannot see that it curves. It seems that it just goes on forever, and if you were walking inside, you might think that you are walking a path to infinity, when really you would be only walking in circles. There are many things that give the illusion of infinity, like the sky, but we know that the atmosphere is really only a relatively thin layer surrounding the Earth. The Earth, people used to believe was flat, because it is too large to see that it is round when standing on it. It was another illusion that most all of humanity was deluded by. Imagine how many delusions beset our specious species that we are still not aware of.

Since life can be so hard, so perplexing, so seemingly merciless, and so uncertain, people end up with a pretty serious attitude. It is understandable. But if we could shift to a more cooperative way of living, and things would become more easy for everyone, more beautiful, easier to comprehend, and freedom could be enjoyed and the chains of slavery (capitalism/ government) became extinct, like the dodo and the quagga (half horse, half zebra), people could relax, let their guard down, be comfortable just being themselves, without undue fears, armored only with love, from within…then, maybe our true nature would become apparent and emerge, which is, I would like to propose, is the existence of the clown within. Everyone has one. And the humor, that often is in every situation would be revealed to all, and not allotted only to those comedians and witty jokers among us.

So maybe, what separates humans from all of the rest of the animals, is our sense of humor. This is a side of God or the Universe that is often overlooked, that there exists through us, a wicked sense of humor. We bring laughter into existence. Which could take us into discussing tantric humor, which has to do with holding back your laugh, and keeping it in, so that with practice, you can experience your whole body laughing and not just your mouth. But that is another subject (joke) entirely.

Animals definitely like to play and they like to be free, just like us, and some even use tools, and some definitely communicate and have empathy and feelings and even dance, though it seems without music, in these ways we are all not so different. However it does seem they lack music and a sense of humor. Of course, I could be wrong about this. I am only making some assumptions, something that is often not wise to do. Maybe the sounds of frogs and birds, whales, and yes, even chickens and dogs could be music to them, it seems doubtful, but it is possible. So, that leaves only humor that separates us from them. We like to think that we are more intelligent, but that too, is debatable when looked at closely.

Last night, we had a large turnout for our weekly clown workshop and through some simple exercises, the humor within each of us, was revealed such that smiles and laughs pervaded the air, in an ongoing stream for most of the workshop, which had a very positive affect on the entire group.
Seriousness is the dark, and humor is the light. All those stars, that seem so small, and are so large, are like jokes in the darkness. If there were no stars, and only darkness at night, it could be scary and kind of depressing. It is the ability to laugh at the dark that gives us our humanity.

As stated before, that what might be the cause of so much of the world’s problems is the fact that most people should be clowns, but don’t realize it, and have no clue, making seriousness a serious problem, seriously. And I am aware that clowns have a horrible reputation, because so often they seem scary and unfunny, but this could be because they are a reflection of how everything is so distorted right now and unnatural. I am talking about the 1 percent, the 1 percent of funny clowns, the ones that make you laugh loudly.

It could be, that to be human, is to laugh and to make others laugh. To live without laughter is to be sad. The quality of one’s life could be measured by the quality of one’s jokes, and if you are guilty of not being very funny, then you will be punished with sadness.
Of course, it is possible that i am entirely wrong, and that the animals are really all laughing at us for being so serious, in a tantric manner which keeps them straight faced..

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