Bursting the Bubble

Bursting the bubble

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Breaking through the programming, suspending belief in all beliefs. opening to the possibility that nothing is certain, that anyone can be deluded at any moment, and thus keeping an open mind to all possibilities and knowing that you just don’t know anything for sure. Accepting the condition of uncertainty, recognizing the implicit freedom that it brings, along with the endless possibilities.

Not being attached to any beliefs. by dropping or suspending beliefs, one is dropping the programming. To regain one’s lost innocence, i.e. william blake. leading to the opening of the heart. All these things are connected. living with a pure heart. it seems the universe supports the pure hearted and things start to fall in place quite serendipitously. i.e. synchronicities. riding the cosmic wave, when all things seem to be going your way and coming to you when you need it.

Treating everyone as though they might actually be divine beings caught in the illusion of being merely people. and treating oneself as, or thinking of oneself as a divine being, in a non egoic way. with our miraculous consciousness, awareness, and brain, our incredible capabilities, recognizing that the entire universe would be worthless if there was no one to be aware of, appreciate, use, or benefit from it. Imagine the universe with no consciousness or awareness, how pointless to have all this phenomenon just suspended in space.

They say, first was the word, the sound, but there can be no sound without an ear and a brain, only a vibration, when the tree fell and there was no one there to hear it, there was no sound, only vibration. there can be no word, if there is no mind to understand it. so first, if there was a first, it was vibration, movement, waves. and realize that there can be no movement without stillness. The contrast is necessary for there to be any differentiation. So, one might imagine, that first was the stillness, and then the movement, the vibration. the source is stillness, beyond all awareness and consciousness. and that may be who we are, beyond the I Am.