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Walking towards the malokka last night I saw the fire in the metal container surrounded by happy people, talking, singing, and eating and I had the thought, being the founder of the community “I created all this”. Immediately, I thought that that could be an egoistic idea, and changed it to, “I created the possibility for this to happen, as the people involved were making it the unique experience it was. This makes me something like “god”, after all, we are given a world of seemingly infinite possibilities. 

Infinity is ongoing, it has no end and so one could compare infinities as some may have been “going” for a longer time or a faster rate than others and hence could be more “advanced”, in a word, larger. There are also some infinities that seem to have no beginning as well and are going in both directions. they must be vast.

Imagine if something is moving infinitely on both ends and is curving and meets to form a circle, that this might be how black holes are formed. or you know how something can infinitely be cut in half, even the most infinitely small thing, so you have infinity going in an ever smaller directions and at the same time, it could be increasing like the edge of the universe at an incredible speed, it boggles the mind to imagine such a thing, just as it is impossible to imagine where the edge of space could be for matter or vibrations to fill. it sounds like a very advanced form of mathematics, “comparing infinities”. googling…yes, physics and mathematics are onto it. IĀ think I will leave it to them.

Maybe the point is, that our minds cannot wrap around some ideas like ever expanding space and ever expanding universe. it makes no sense because how could space have limits, because if it did, like it was enclosed, then what would be outside of that? It just is impossible to conceive, which gives credence to the possibility that all is a hologram or an illusion and that really no thing exists at all. and then there we are, back to zero. welcome to the fog. This thing we call life is a fog, and we are all wondering in it together, lost. It helps a lot to have someone’s hand to hold, to be lost together, so to speak, some might call it love.

And as far as me being like a god, more likely in this form that we find ourselves inhabiting, we are emanations of god or source. We are therefore most likely emissaries of love, creating possibilities for one another. One possibility would be spending some time together.