About Me


I have lived a long life, but I still feel young. Rather than tell you events that make me look good, I would prefer to just say that everything has lead me to where I am today, that is, I am living my dreams, in a paradise setting, surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful nature. I have always been artistic and a believer in the pure heart. I am proud to be humble and grateful for everything. My nickname, Mofwoofoo means among other things, that if you take yourself too seriously, I probably will not take you too seriously. I prefer to identify with nothing and to think of myself as unsubstantive, more of a verb than a noun and the verb is love.

About Mofwoofoo.com

Hola! Welcome to the website of Mofwoofoo. I am someone with many interests and I love to write. For 4 years I was writing an essay/ article every week without missing. Now I continue to write, but only when inspired. I like to think that I have good taste in most everything, but perhaps everyone feels that way, nevertheless I am someone who really likes what I write and I can imagine that there is a certain percentage of humanity who might feel the same way. Of course, those who do are generally my favorite people and I hope that you are one of these. Please bear in mind that these essays vary a lot, but often there are similar themes that run in many, while others are completely different. What I value besides a pleasing style is original content, and although probably there are others on the planet that may have had the same thoughts as I, generally, I am unaware of them, so it feels original. For example a long time ago I thought up, “If there is nothing to die for, there is nothing to live for.” But 7 years later, I learned that Martin Luther King had said the same thing some time before I did. So, I am in good company, but maybe even, its possible, I heard it from him and totally forgot. Honestly, I don’t know. So, the point being, that I like to think that I am original, but perhaps it is not always true. For example, I figured out one day the apparent conundrum: when a trees falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? To me, one day, the answer seemed obvious: of course not, without the apparatus of an ear and the brain, there is no sound, only vibration. Another example could be that the other day, I wondered what exactly powers the earth such that it spins almost precisely at the same speed every day, every 24 hours? I looked for the answer on Google and there was none, then I asked a local famous scientist his opinion and finally admitted that actually no one knows what powers all the objects that exist in space as they are all moving in various ways and at great speeds. This idea inspired an article that took me far afield from this idea as it is unanswerable up to now. So I invite you to read some of these essays slowly and carefully, because I like to think that every word is important, and see if you are beguiled or not. And I would love to hear from you, your ideas, etc. to discuss if you like.