Politically Incorrect

Going against the mainstream has become politically incorrect. It is clear how the public can be completely brainwashed, manipulated, and controlled. You have your billionaire spokesman telling the world how we need to all be vaccinated to end the scourge of covid 19. He has been able to send his message out to most all of humanity. 

He hammers it, he repeats it and immediately all the news agencies assume that this is a fact and any questioning of this is censored until everyone assumes that this is a fact, that it is unquestionably necessary. Now, even the alternative and left fall into lockstep with this message: All humanity must be vaccinated!!! 

They say it will not be forced, but if you cannot prove that you have had it, if it is not stamped on your passport, then suddenly your options become very limited. For starters, no air flights, cannot enter into any countries, and then…who knows? So when they say it is not forced, that is a blatant lie. Now, it is so stamped in the minds of the public, that if you don’t follow along as you are told, you will be arrested, maligned, hated, etc. Now, almost everyone believes in this…lie? I am skeptical of anything any gov’t. reports as truth and I am also one who tries not to attach to beliefs. I am always open to be proven wrong.

All dissent has been banned. That, for me, is very suspicious. I don’t like to automatically take things at face value. The whole covid 19 ongoing event seems very suspicious to me; the crashing of the economy, the seeming over-reaction considering the percentage of deaths compared to other causes of death, the use of the pcr test as an accurate measurement of the spread of the disease, which seems to be doubtfully accurate, that covid 19 has been attributed to so many deaths is also subject to doubt, the censoring of qualified doctors and scientists who question anything. 

And many more anomalies that can’t help but make one suspicious of this unusual singularity. The protests and gathering where there were no masks or physical distancing the tyrannous assault of governments mandating behavior without public consent for months on end. Now, Ecuador and other countries are calling these mandates unconstitutional, a bit late, but really better late, than never. Being forced to allow the corrupt gov’ts. to inject something into our sovereign bodies for me, is clearly a tyrannous act and is unacceptable.

The fact that humanity has responded so swiftly and strongly to this threat, but hardly does anything close to this degree concerning the much greater threat of our looming extinction due to the climate crises.  Seems strange, doesn’t it?

Message for 2021

Message to the World on the Beginning of 2021

We are all a part of something greater than we can normally imagine, like Universal Consciousness or a part of Nature or the Divine. Therefore it escapes our awareness and we are mired in a morass of illusions, and hence we are constantly making poor decisions and easily manipulated. That is the status of humanity as we enter 2021. So much has been revealed this year, but it is so fragmented such that everyone is clinging to their beliefs like life preservers in a sea of confusion, that keep us trapped and virtually impotent and helpless. 

Thus tyranny becomes emboldened  and slips its noose quietly around our oblivious heads, using the ancient trojan horse strategy, baiting us with spectacularities (my word) while they keep tighting the noose. Or using existential conundrums whose outcomes can be predicted, like offering a microchip in your hand that will make life so easy, no more locks and keys or passwords, and your whole body can be read and alerted to any incoherences. It’s so great, but they didn’t mention that now we can track your every move and even everything inside your body. So, the price was your freedom and privacy, but that wasn’t in the small print.

Or your choice: health security (you know, people are dying from covid 19) or civil liberties, freedom? Where have all the Patrick Henry’s gone (American patriot, famous for shouting in congress, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”), everyone lines up behind health security. While governments decree lockdown, masks, spacing, crashing our economy, making people dependent completely on the gov’ts. largess, etc. There is no vote, we are being tyrannized in the name of our safety. 

Who is the WHO? Bill Gates. He controls them all: John Hopkins, the CDC, etc. all dependent on his million dollars of donations. So, is Bill Gates a monster or a wonderful guy? And does he have the right to be the dictator of the whole world? He is so clever, that even though he does it right in front of everyone, people still can’t see that it is him, and possibly others, his group, his controllers, no one knows exactly, but at least, we can see that he seemingly is orchestrating everything with his fanaticism, his insistence for vaccinating all  of humanity.

Meanwhile, those who steer the ship, won’t turn around, they continue on their course, disregarding the climate crises, taking us straight to the abyss.

Poor, lost humanity, so helpless, so clueless. We can only depend on a small percentage of people who can see through the smegma, who will stand for justice and organize with strategies that will be impactful. Because that is what is also going on behind the scenes. It seemingly is the only hope humanity has left.

In the meantime, the rest of you can be aligning yourselves with the flow and waking up to the reality that we all must learn to be master servants and escape the conditioning of competition, ego enhancement, and closed-heartedness. And to more than embody the love who we are, but to find ways to restore justice and humane, ethical behavior to all of humanity, while embracing our connection with all life, and the sacredness of it all.



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Wow, so many cool people in Vilcabamba, Ecuador now, in the past, and maybe forever. So many people living fantastic lives. Of course, along the way, there is suffering, strife, pain, and hardship, it can’t be entirely avoided, at least not forever. It all depends on one’s perspective.

Is there hope, is the world actually waking up? Just look at the TED talks, so many incredible people living incredible lives. People living the best versions of themselves, or almost the best version as there will always be room to grow, to go even higher. People doing incredible things. It is all available to us through the miracle of the internet and through our face to face exchanges that we can enjoy in our tiny plaza.

And now we have UFO sightings everyday that so many people have seen. We seem to be living next to an ant’s nest of aliens stationed inside of Mandango mountain. Two of our inhabitants, I have heard, recently, both came to the same strange realization independently, that there is someone living inside of the mountain that is 50,000 years old.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Living, as we do, in the valley of conspiracy theories, theories that seem to be true. Of course, most of us are still lost in the illusion of “I”. That is a hard one to shake, so deeply ingrained is the construct known as the ego, the result of conditioning (programming) and circumstance. How many of us can separate ourselves from the drama we call our life?

However, this may be where humanity is moving towards, breaking through the biggest illusion of all, our separation, our sense of who we are. We have ayahuasca, san pedro, LSD, all the aids we could want at our disposal to guide us through the darkness and towards the light, moving from I to We.

And as a local light told me just yesterday, it’s really so easy, all you have to do is live virtuously.


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When I slow down and just sit, and there are no dogs barking, and everything is still and whispery, the sun has just set and the end of the valley is gleaming. the underlit clouds so serenely stand still and only the quiet drone of the river and the constant communication of birds, now they are silent. the beauty stands out now, i can be a part of it, and the clouds so soft and fluffy, have taken on a golden hue, so often I don’t notice this, my mind is elsewhere, its crazy, better to tune into the deepening colors, drenching and quenching my thirst to absorb the beautiful surroundings. It is such a rare privilege to have all of this at our disposal, as our ground, to do as we please, with respect for the sacredness of everything. enjoying the solitude, to be with myself, tranquilo.

I love the 3D immensity of everything and now the penetrating sounds of 2 birds nearby. a burro, 2 burros, and the silent lull of the river returns, birds chirp in and disappear, the sky is greycefull, full of grace and grey, its slowness adding to the weight of its beauty, almost imperceptibly moving, in no hurry to go anywhere, frozen softly, , barely breathing, against the paling opaque, blue sky, lengthening into night. The curves of the silhouetting mountains are so well arranged, that one can sense the divinity behind it. A monumental sensuous dance moving as the eye moves, no hurry to the orgasmic release of rain, tantric giver of life, the mountains are a pale brown, as all the grasses have died, with the dryness of the season.

Now, night is passing overhead and it’s still too soon for the stars. The frogs make their eerie sing song sound, far enough in the background, their nightly rendezvous sounds a lot like crickets, but lower in tone or like jazz from mars. The night is stealing its way in, abducting the day.

So many people have been seeing UFO’S over by Mt. mandango, here in Vilcabamba, Ecuador these last few months and for many years, I have never seen one, though I had one strange experience about 5 years ago or so, walking in the plaza with some chums, I looked up and saw a huge rectangle in the clouds, we all saw it, it was a rectangular shadow on the bottom of the clouds, that just stayed there. i took a video of it, but when fb one day, disappeared my fb page, everything was lost. I couldn’t explain it. It was just weird.

For me, the ufo’s are the biggest hope for humanity, so lost and suicidal, under the malevolent stranglehold of violent authority, has at the moment, assuming of course, that they are benevolent. 


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Either (pronounced eye thur) or either (pronounced ee thur), to me, the former sounds more sophisticated, so i prefer to go with that one, but my habitual tendency is the latter. For my whole life, every time this word comes up, I have to decide how to pronounce this word. life is so full of problems, of conundrums. Of course, this is relatively small, unimportant, but it could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.

Everything is important, the small, the big, etc. ok, some things are more important than others. even the trivial can be important, I don’t wish to trivialize the trivial. no one stands up for the trivial and I for one, don’t wish to be a leader for this cause, as it seems beneath me. You see, probably everyone feels that way and hence there are no champions for seemingly unimportant causes, but they might actually be ones that are more important than they seem, or visa versa. 

People are willing to stand for many causes that seem important but that really aren’t so important. An example would be like voting for humpty or dumpty, people put a lot of energy into this kind of thing and u can see them waving little toy flags and wearing funny hats to emphasize the importance of their cause, or getting all emotional about a sporting event, which in actuality has no real importance. There are too many examples to waste my time on, so let’s either (pronunciation is up to you) move on or we might waste our time.

I hate to waste my or anyone’s time. I have a thing about waste. I always eat whatever is on my plate. It may seem that I might be avaricious, but no, I can be very generous and magnanimous. You will notice that no word is wasted here. I even collect my own waste and use it for fertilizer.. We have compost toilets where I live. but let’s keep our thoughts lofty, gravity even affects thoughts and words it seems. I say “it seems ” because it either (your choice) because it does or it doesn’t. In my mind I say eye thur, because I wish to be or at least appear to be more cultivated (even to myself), rather than less, to be completely honest, even a little vulnerable, if I may say so. 

I am speaking rhetorically, as of course, I don’t need your permission for anything… only your indulgence perhaps. I am a free clown, at least in my own limited way. I have the right to laugh at bad jokes, it’s a basic human right I believe, however a clown does not have the right to make bad jokes, this is a no no, this just makes people hate clowns. I belong to the clown anti-defamation league. There is a lot of anti-clown sentiment in the world today. To be a clown is often looked down upon. When I told my mommy and daddy that I wanted to be a clown when I grow up, they frowned. They wanted me to be a doctor or something. It was either this or that. It was this.

It is probably easier to cure people then to make them laugh. people can be very serious. People often imagine that their situation is deadly serious, their lives may be at stake or those of their loved ones, they may not have any money for their next meal, and have kids to feed, how sad is that? a clown comes along trying to make them laugh, and naturally they might want to kill him (maybe eat him). it can be dangerous being a clown. We are not welcome at funerals and many other events.

Real clowns, funny ones are a dying breed, they are almost extinct. no one is trying to save them. They should be on the endangered animal list, They could go the way of the dodo bird. If a clown’s jokes don’t fly, like the dodo, he becomes a target, because people expect clowns to be funny, just like you expect someone who is a singer to be able to sing, or a nurse to nurse, a worker to work, a politician to lie, a crook to steal, a wife to complain or to be late, and even though trees don’t move, you expect it to leave (ha, ha), a dog to bark and shit, a mountain climber to go up, a lover to go down, we all have our expectations.

When you are in a row boat, you can either choose one or the other or both oars, it is an either (eethur), either (eye thur) oar/ or situation. It is a clown’s dilemma. Life is ridiculous.

Bursting the Bubble

Bursting the bubble

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Breaking through the programming, suspending belief in all beliefs. opening to the possibility that nothing is certain, that anyone can be deluded at any moment, and thus keeping an open mind to all possibilities and knowing that you just don’t know anything for sure. Accepting the condition of uncertainty, recognizing the implicit freedom that it brings, along with the endless possibilities.

Not being attached to any beliefs. by dropping or suspending beliefs, one is dropping the programming. To regain one’s lost innocence, i.e. william blake. leading to the opening of the heart. All these things are connected. living with a pure heart. it seems the universe supports the pure hearted and things start to fall in place quite serendipitously. i.e. synchronicities. riding the cosmic wave, when all things seem to be going your way and coming to you when you need it.

Treating everyone as though they might actually be divine beings caught in the illusion of being merely people. and treating oneself as, or thinking of oneself as a divine being, in a non egoic way. with our miraculous consciousness, awareness, and brain, our incredible capabilities, recognizing that the entire universe would be worthless if there was no one to be aware of, appreciate, use, or benefit from it. Imagine the universe with no consciousness or awareness, how pointless to have all this phenomenon just suspended in space.

They say, first was the word, the sound, but there can be no sound without an ear and a brain, only a vibration, when the tree fell and there was no one there to hear it, there was no sound, only vibration. there can be no word, if there is no mind to understand it. so first, if there was a first, it was vibration, movement, waves. and realize that there can be no movement without stillness. The contrast is necessary for there to be any differentiation. So, one might imagine, that first was the stillness, and then the movement, the vibration. the source is stillness, beyond all awareness and consciousness. and that may be who we are, beyond the I Am.


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Walking towards the malokka last night I saw the fire in the metal container surrounded by happy people, talking, singing, and eating and I had the thought, being the founder of the community “I created all this”. Immediately, I thought that that could be an egoistic idea, and changed it to, “I created the possibility for this to happen, as the people involved were making it the unique experience it was. This makes me something like “god”, after all, we are given a world of seemingly infinite possibilities. 

Infinity is ongoing, it has no end and so one could compare infinities as some may have been “going” for a longer time or a faster rate than others and hence could be more “advanced”, in a word, larger. There are also some infinities that seem to have no beginning as well and are going in both directions. they must be vast.

Imagine if something is moving infinitely on both ends and is curving and meets to form a circle, that this might be how black holes are formed. or you know how something can infinitely be cut in half, even the most infinitely small thing, so you have infinity going in an ever smaller directions and at the same time, it could be increasing like the edge of the universe at an incredible speed, it boggles the mind to imagine such a thing, just as it is impossible to imagine where the edge of space could be for matter or vibrations to fill. it sounds like a very advanced form of mathematics, “comparing infinities”. googling…yes, physics and mathematics are onto it. I think I will leave it to them.

Maybe the point is, that our minds cannot wrap around some ideas like ever expanding space and ever expanding universe. it makes no sense because how could space have limits, because if it did, like it was enclosed, then what would be outside of that? It just is impossible to conceive, which gives credence to the possibility that all is a hologram or an illusion and that really no thing exists at all. and then there we are, back to zero. welcome to the fog. This thing we call life is a fog, and we are all wondering in it together, lost. It helps a lot to have someone’s hand to hold, to be lost together, so to speak, some might call it love.

And as far as me being like a god, more likely in this form that we find ourselves inhabiting, we are emanations of god or source. We are therefore most likely emissaries of love, creating possibilities for one another. One possibility would be spending some time together.


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What if you found yourself to be the only sane person that you knew of in all the world. Its not a great situation to be in. If everyone else is insane and you say that you are not insane, they are all going to think that you are definitely insane, besides the fact that with everyone else insane, things are just going to get crazier and crazier. Of course, hopefully, there are some small percentage out there that are also not insane, but how to find them?

Isolation is the condition, and we are not wired for isolation. we need each other, we need connection, warmth, love, to be understood, or we will suffer. but that singular sane person is going to feel very alone. One of the cruellest punishments is to put someone in isolation, as they do in prisons.

In a world in which you must pay to enter, live in, and to leave, there is a life-long urgent need to have a constant flow of money. This puts everyone under strain, duress, and stress. It takes the fun out of life. It makes everything very serious, divides humanity, and drives a lot of people crazy.

There are those few who find a way to have a steady and sufficient flow, enough to alleviate much of the stress, but often it is done at the expense of others through some form of exploitation or corruption, and this creates monster parasites that “flourish” amongst us, in the form of business men, banks, corporations, and criminals/ politicians. Some make it like a game, like the game monopoly, and manage to have fun with it.

But to succeed in business is almost as difficult as growing coconuts in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and it can be like a prison sentence, where one must toil many hours of every day, and to fail is not that much fun, because the consequences can be so extremely dire. Due to the seriousness of this condition, we lose the joyful quality that life offers, and only children who enjoy a certain amount of freedom can experience this joy through their constant play, or until they must hunker down and endure the boredom of their daily childs prison, called school, or until they realize that they too, must forgo their play to find a job in order to survive or possibly thrive.

This makes them serious and the art of play, becomes lost in the sobering reality of capitalism.This explains to some degree, how it is that we lose the ability to play. This is tragic, because it is quite possible that “play is the way, ” And everyone goes insane, having forgone play for work, joy for seriousness, which is highly unnatural and sad. Music is so popular and gratifying because it is a form of play, as well as are all the arts. And I firmly believe that having an artistic outlet is a way to maintain ones sanity.

Our community of Vilcabamba, Chambalabamba ( is based on this idea to some degree. If you can recall when you stopped skipping as most all children do, this might be the time that you began to lose your sense of play. It often occurs at the onset of adolescence. How do we regain our sense of play? It might be the way to regain our sanity. That is what I would like to know. All original ideas are welcome or even non original ideas.

I Am Not a Leader

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I am not a leader, nor do I wish to be one, and I don’t wish to be led. I am happy just to be glue, the glue that holds us together. In my opinion, now, it is time for fragmented humanity, to come together as one humane being with 8 billion hearts and 16 billion eyes and hands to stop fighting, to end all conflict, by co-creating a world that makes meeting our individual needs as easy as possible, that incentivizes harmony, cooperation, caring, equality, and justice for all, a new world emerging through collaboration, autonomously, and organically.

To achieve this we must self organize horizontally to deincentivize ego gratification and thirst for power over others, and incentivize collaboration and caring for one and all. Vertical, the current manner of organizing/governing incentivizes people over people, big egos, power craving and corruption. It is taking us all towards a hellish end. We need to recognize that the train we are on is taking us to Auschwitz and the sooner it is derailed and we take over, the better, before it is too late.

For me, it is crystal clear, we must restructure all gov’ts. from vertical to horizontal which is virtually incorruptible: (1) Horizontal Governing – The Virtually Incorruptible Solution to Vertical Top Down Corruption. – YouTube. The way towards our salvation and grace is through collaboration, with the welfare of the whole as our guiding light. What is better, to be the richest man in the world, surrounded by hunger, poverty, unhappy people, and much ugliness, or to be in a world of riches for all, a beautiful world filled with happy, loving people who all have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, a cornucopia of utopias?

The illusion of identifying with ego that separates us needs to end. Remove all the obstacles that block us from being who we really are and you will find that we are love. We are humane beings. Look inside yourself and see if it is not true. In an ethical and sane world, we are all noble souls here to experience love in all of its infinite forms. Every act can be a loving act.

Bolstering our egos is a false path to find love. It is totally unnecessary. To be love is also to be loved. All one really has to do is to be one’s authentic self. Just as the outside world needs to be restructured, so does the inside, from ego to love.

This being the year 2020 (which is really totally arbitrary), which we identify as clear vision, is a hint that the Universe has our back. We have been operated on, this whole year. We have been at the mercy of the powers that be. We never had a voice in what has happened this year. It has all been imposed upon us by the power of the state.

The medical emergency has been an excuse for tyranny and forcing vaccines on us without our permission is real tyranny. Our bodies are sovereign and this is being ignored. The cataracts, the blinders have been removed and finally we have clarity to make the right decisions and fulfill our collective and individual destinies, to correct all that is unjust and to stop all the cruelties inflicted upon one another once and for all, to restore the sacred quality of all life.

Nice ideas perhaps, but how do we do it? By joining a network of networks that has a platform designed for collaborating and organizing on all scales (in process now), to unite us horizontally as a force for good. Hopefully, everyone will see the value and the necessity for this, and the network will grow in an exponential manner. is not for profit, it is for creating a humane, ethical world. Help us make it happen.

We have been human beings, now it is time to be humane beings. The “e” stands for ethical, a choice that only humans can make and we must evolve from human to humane, from living unethically to ethically (following the golden rule).

How to Proceed

How To Proceed (one man’s opinion)

We are in a terrible, unbelievable situation that we are all facing. We cannot continue to be passing tipping points and being threatened by extinction and not responding to this threat like any sane society would.

It is those who are imposing their will on all of humanity with these lockdowns and the mishandling of the so-called pandemic, who are not responding seriously enough to the great possibility of our extinction, and who continue to ignore the obvious fact that we all derive our existence from nature.

We have defiled almost all our rivers, lakes, oceans, the soil, the air, everything, like insane people. This system that perpetuates wars, criminalizes whistleblowers, creates homelessness, poverty, lack of health services, marginalization, unprepared for the virus, destroyed thousands or millions of businesses and livelihoods, and now naked medical tyranny, ignoring the sovereignty of our bodies and insisting that we must have proof of vaccination on our passports, has really gone too far. Actually, it has gone too far for centuries, and because we have tolerated and permitted this, we are now experiencing the reckoning.

Vaccinating everyone may not be the best solution, but they are forcing it on us with their relentless propaganda and censoring of alternative points of view. The best solution is to systemically restructure everything and begin doing everything imaginable to stop our rush to doom.Governments need to be restructured from vertical to horizontal which is virtually incorruptible asap: (2) Horizontal Governing – The Virtually Incorruptible Solution to Vertical Top Down Corruption. – YouTube. In this way we would end our reliance on politicians who put their private gain over serving the public, and who clearly can not be trusted.

It makes no sense to standby while they tyrannize and suicide us. What can be gained by waiting? However, to change this we need to unify through one gigantic digital network with state of the art tools for collaboration and organizing on all scales.

The best solution to end the possibilities of this and future viruses could be to begin creating a healthy world in which all would have strong immune systems. Vaccinating is like putting one’s finger in the dike, if you remember the story of the little dutch boy who saved Holland from flooding by putting his finger in a leaking hole in the dike.

Mass enforced vaccination is a half-ass, risky, unnecessary solution that will cost trillions. Making us have proof of vaccination on our passports is clearly a form of tyranny, similar to when nazis tattooed jewish people with a number.

If we would be doing things in a sane, just, ecological, and ethical way we would be reinventing cities, ending industrial agriculture, deforesting, restoring the soil, planting hemp and trees, moving away from oil derived products as quickly as possible, making pollution illegal, and so many other solutions.

What about Fukushima? Has everyone forgotten what it is doing to the oceans? The people in charge are not responsible enough to be allowed to have any power over anyone any more. How is it that it seems hardly anyone notices this?

This is truly like the worst nightmare imaginable. It is surreal, beyond what anyone could ever expect would happen when humanity is faced with either responding effectively or die en masse. I can understand the outrage of the Extinction Rebellion, but they are not really achieving their goals, as far as saving the situation and getting governments to act responsibly.

It could be that our only hope is to organize through unification through a gigantic collaborative network of networks of like minded individuals, organizations, and networks. It is only through unity and collaboration that we can have a chance to put humanity on the right course.

It is quite possible that civilizations in the far distant past that have come and gone, disappeared for similar reasons. And I might suggest that the main reason is that humanity did not create any real civilizations, because if they have been conflictive, they have not been civil or civilized.

We must get over our seeming addiction to conflict if we wish to survive. Simply put, we must restructure our economy to one that incentivizes good will, cooperation, collaboration, ethicalness, ecology, justice, sharing, and sanity throughout the entire planet.This can be done through this network of networks, where in each city experienced workers and experts from each sector collaborate with their counterparts around the world.

The network of networks must have the tools to make this possible. In this way, horizontally, the new paradigm will emerge organically, autonomously, and collaboratively. With clear feedback and transparency constant improvement will be built into the system.

An ever growing interactive list of innovations is in the process of being developed to assist in the reimagination of cities and the restoration of the planet.

Of course, beauty should always be factored in, but the point of reference is for each city or village to be reinventing systemically with the idea of making all our human needs as easily accessible as possible. In this autonomous way evolving utopias (utopia in the sense of a place that is always improving) would be springing up throughout the world.

Thus the name is what we have been calling the project to make this happen and we could use everyone’s help and collaboration.