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When I slow down and just sit, and there are no dogs barking, and everything is still and whispery, the sun has just set and the end of the valley is gleaming. the underlit clouds so serenely stand still and only the quiet drone of the river and the constant communication of birds, now they are silent. the beauty stands out now, i can be a part of it, and the clouds so soft and fluffy, have taken on a golden hue, so often I don’t notice this, my mind is elsewhere, its crazy, better to tune into the deepening colors, drenching and quenching my thirst to absorb the beautiful surroundings. It is such a rare privilege to have all of this at our disposal, as our ground, to do as we please, with respect for the sacredness of everything. enjoying the solitude, to be with myself, tranquilo.

I love the 3D immensity of everything and now the penetrating sounds of 2 birds nearby. a burro, 2 burros, and the silent lull of the river returns, birds chirp in and disappear, the sky is greycefull, full of grace and grey, its slowness adding to the weight of its beauty, almost imperceptibly moving, in no hurry to go anywhere, frozen softly, , barely breathing, against the paling opaque, blue sky, lengthening into night. The curves of the silhouetting mountains are so well arranged, that one can sense the divinity behind it. A monumental sensuous dance moving as the eye moves, no hurry to the orgasmic release of rain, tantric giver of life, the mountains are a pale brown, as all the grasses have died, with the dryness of the season.

Now, night is passing overhead and it’s still too soon for the stars. The frogs make their eerie sing song sound, far enough in the background, their nightly rendezvous sounds a lot like crickets, but lower in tone or like jazz from mars. The night is stealing its way in, abducting the day.

So many people have been seeing UFO’S over by Mt. mandango, here in Vilcabamba, Ecuador these last few months and for many years, I have never seen one, though I had one strange experience about 5 years ago or so, walking in the plaza with some chums, I looked up and saw a huge rectangle in the clouds, we all saw it, it was a rectangular shadow on the bottom of the clouds, that just stayed there. i took a video of it, but when fb one day, disappeared my fb page, everything was lost. I couldn’t explain it. It was just weird.

For me, the ufo’s are the biggest hope for humanity, so lost and suicidal, under the malevolent stranglehold of violent authority, has at the moment, assuming of course, that they are benevolent.