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How to Proceed

How To Proceed (one man’s opinion)

We are in a terrible, unbelievable situation that we are all facing. We cannot continue to be passing tipping points and being threatened by extinction and not responding to this threat like any sane society would.

It is those who are imposing their will on all of humanity with these lockdowns and the mishandling of the so-called pandemic, who are not responding seriously enough to the great possibility of our extinction, and who continue to ignore the obvious fact that we all derive our existence from nature.

We have defiled almost all our rivers, lakes, oceans, the soil, the air, everything, like insane people. This system that perpetuates wars, criminalizes whistleblowers, creates homelessness, poverty, lack of health services, marginalization, unprepared for the virus, destroyed thousands or millions of businesses and livelihoods, and now naked medical tyranny, ignoring the sovereignty of our bodies and insisting that we must have proof of vaccination on our passports, has really gone too far. Actually, it has gone too far for centuries, and because we have tolerated and permitted this, we are now experiencing the reckoning.

Vaccinating everyone may not be the best solution, but they are forcing it on us with their relentless propaganda and censoring of alternative points of view. The best solution is to systemically restructure everything and begin doing everything imaginable to stop our rush to doom.Governments need to be restructured from vertical to horizontal which is virtually incorruptible asap: (2) Horizontal Governing – The Virtually Incorruptible Solution to Vertical Top Down Corruption. – YouTube. In this way we would end our reliance on politicians who put their private gain over serving the public, and who clearly can not be trusted.

It makes no sense to standby while they tyrannize and suicide us. What can be gained by waiting? However, to change this we need to unify through one gigantic digital network with state of the art tools for collaboration and organizing on all scales.

The best solution to end the possibilities of this and future viruses could be to begin creating a healthy world in which all would have strong immune systems. Vaccinating is like putting one’s finger in the dike, if you remember the story of the little dutch boy who saved Holland from flooding by putting his finger in a leaking hole in the dike.

Mass enforced vaccination is a half-ass, risky, unnecessary solution that will cost trillions. Making us have proof of vaccination on our passports is clearly a form of tyranny, similar to when nazis tattooed jewish people with a number.

If we would be doing things in a sane, just, ecological, and ethical way we would be reinventing cities, ending industrial agriculture, deforesting, restoring the soil, planting hemp and trees, moving away from oil derived products as quickly as possible, making pollution illegal, and so many other solutions.

What about Fukushima? Has everyone forgotten what it is doing to the oceans? The people in charge are not responsible enough to be allowed to have any power over anyone any more. How is it that it seems hardly anyone notices this?

This is truly like the worst nightmare imaginable. It is surreal, beyond what anyone could ever expect would happen when humanity is faced with either responding effectively or die en masse. I can understand the outrage of the Extinction Rebellion, but they are not really achieving their goals, as far as saving the situation and getting governments to act responsibly.

It could be that our only hope is to organize through unification through a gigantic collaborative network of networks of like minded individuals, organizations, and networks. It is only through unity and collaboration that we can have a chance to put humanity on the right course.

It is quite possible that civilizations in the far distant past that have come and gone, disappeared for similar reasons. And I might suggest that the main reason is that humanity did not create any real civilizations, because if they have been conflictive, they have not been civil or civilized.

We must get over our seeming addiction to conflict if we wish to survive. Simply put, we must restructure our economy to one that incentivizes good will, cooperation, collaboration, ethicalness, ecology, justice, sharing, and sanity throughout the entire planet.This can be done through this network of networks, where in each city experienced workers and experts from each sector collaborate with their counterparts around the world.

The network of networks must have the tools to make this possible. In this way, horizontally, the new paradigm will emerge organically, autonomously, and collaboratively. With clear feedback and transparency constant improvement will be built into the system.

An ever growing interactive list of innovations is in the process of being developed to assist in the reimagination of cities and the restoration of the planet.

Of course, beauty should always be factored in, but the point of reference is for each city or village to be reinventing systemically with the idea of making all our human needs as easily accessible as possible. In this autonomous way evolving utopias (utopia in the sense of a place that is always improving) would be springing up throughout the world.

Thus the name is what we have been calling the project to make this happen and we could use everyone’s help and collaboration.