I Am Not a Leader

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I am not a leader, nor do I wish to be one, and I don’t wish to be led. I am happy just to be glue, the glue that holds us together. In my opinion, now, it is time for fragmented humanity, to come together as one humane being with 8 billion hearts and 16 billion eyes and hands to stop fighting, to end all conflict, by co-creating a world that makes meeting our individual needs as easy as possible, that incentivizes harmony, cooperation, caring, equality, and justice for all, a new world emerging through collaboration, autonomously, and organically.

To achieve this we must self organize horizontally to deincentivize ego gratification and thirst for power over others, and incentivize collaboration and caring for one and all. Vertical, the current manner of organizing/governing incentivizes people over people, big egos, power craving and corruption. It is taking us all towards a hellish end. We need to recognize that the train we are on is taking us to Auschwitz and the sooner it is derailed and we take over, the better, before it is too late.

For me, it is crystal clear, we must restructure all gov’ts. from vertical to horizontal which is virtually incorruptible: (1) Horizontal Governing – The Virtually Incorruptible Solution to Vertical Top Down Corruption. – YouTube. The way towards our salvation and grace is through collaboration, with the welfare of the whole as our guiding light. What is better, to be the richest man in the world, surrounded by hunger, poverty, unhappy people, and much ugliness, or to be in a world of riches for all, a beautiful world filled with happy, loving people who all have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, a cornucopia of utopias?

The illusion of identifying with ego that separates us needs to end. Remove all the obstacles that block us from being who we really are and you will find that we are love. We are humane beings. Look inside yourself and see if it is not true. In an ethical and sane world, we are all noble souls here to experience love in all of its infinite forms. Every act can be a loving act.

Bolstering our egos is a false path to find love. It is totally unnecessary. To be love is also to be loved. All one really has to do is to be one’s authentic self. Just as the outside world needs to be restructured, so does the inside, from ego to love.

This being the year 2020 (which is really totally arbitrary), which we identify as clear vision, is a hint that the Universe has our back. We have been operated on, this whole year. We have been at the mercy of the powers that be. We never had a voice in what has happened this year. It has all been imposed upon us by the power of the state.

The medical emergency has been an excuse for tyranny and forcing vaccines on us without our permission is real tyranny. Our bodies are sovereign and this is being ignored. The cataracts, the blinders have been removed and finally we have clarity to make the right decisions and fulfill our collective and individual destinies, to correct all that is unjust and to stop all the cruelties inflicted upon one another once and for all, to restore the sacred quality of all life.

Nice ideas perhaps, but how do we do it? By joining a network of networks that has a platform designed for collaborating and organizing on all scales (in process now), to unite us horizontally as a force for good. Hopefully, everyone will see the value and the necessity for this, and the network will grow in an exponential manner. utopiacornucopia.org is not for profit, it is for creating a humane, ethical world. Help us make it happen.

We have been human beings, now it is time to be humane beings. The “e” stands for ethical, a choice that only humans can make and we must evolve from human to humane, from living unethically to ethically (following the golden rule).