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Either (pronounced eye thur) or either (pronounced ee thur), to me, the former sounds more sophisticated, so i prefer to go with that one, but my habitual tendency is the latter. For my whole life, every time this word comes up, I have to decide how to pronounce this word. life is so full of problems, of conundrums. Of course, this is relatively small, unimportant, but it could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.

Everything is important, the small, the big, etc. ok, some things are more important than others. even the trivial can be important, I don’t wish to trivialize the trivial. no one stands up for the trivial and I for one, don’t wish to be a leader for this cause, as it seems beneath me. You see, probably everyone feels that way and hence there are no champions for seemingly unimportant causes, but they might actually be ones that are more important than they seem, or visa versa. 

People are willing to stand for many causes that seem important but that really aren’t so important. An example would be like voting for humpty or dumpty, people put a lot of energy into this kind of thing and u can see them waving little toy flags and wearing funny hats to emphasize the importance of their cause, or getting all emotional about a sporting event, which in actuality has no real importance. There are too many examples to waste my time on, so let’s either (pronunciation is up to you) move on or we might waste our time.

I hate to waste my or anyone’s time. I have a thing about waste. I always eat whatever is on my plate. It may seem that I might be avaricious, but no, I can be very generous and magnanimous. You will notice that no word is wasted here. I even collect my own waste and use it for fertilizer.. We have compost toilets where I live. but let’s keep our thoughts lofty, gravity even affects thoughts and words it seems. I say “it seems ” because it either (your choice) because it does or it doesn’t. In my mind I say eye thur, because I wish to be or at least appear to be more cultivated (even to myself), rather than less, to be completely honest, even a little vulnerable, if I may say so. 

I am speaking rhetorically, as of course, I don’t need your permission for anything… only your indulgence perhaps. I am a free clown, at least in my own limited way. I have the right to laugh at bad jokes, it’s a basic human right I believe, however a clown does not have the right to make bad jokes, this is a no no, this just makes people hate clowns. I belong to the clown anti-defamation league. There is a lot of anti-clown sentiment in the world today. To be a clown is often looked down upon. When I told my mommy and daddy that I wanted to be a clown when I grow up, they frowned. They wanted me to be a doctor or something. It was either this or that. It was this.

It is probably easier to cure people then to make them laugh. people can be very serious. People often imagine that their situation is deadly serious, their lives may be at stake or those of their loved ones, they may not have any money for their next meal, and have kids to feed, how sad is that? a clown comes along trying to make them laugh, and naturally they might want to kill him (maybe eat him). it can be dangerous being a clown. We are not welcome at funerals and many other events.

Real clowns, funny ones are a dying breed, they are almost extinct. no one is trying to save them. They should be on the endangered animal list, They could go the way of the dodo bird. If a clown’s jokes don’t fly, like the dodo, he becomes a target, because people expect clowns to be funny, just like you expect someone who is a singer to be able to sing, or a nurse to nurse, a worker to work, a politician to lie, a crook to steal, a wife to complain or to be late, and even though trees don’t move, you expect it to leave (ha, ha), a dog to bark and shit, a mountain climber to go up, a lover to go down, we all have our expectations.

When you are in a row boat, you can either choose one or the other or both oars, it is an either (eethur), either (eye thur) oar/ or situation. It is a clown’s dilemma. Life is ridiculous.

Does Nothing Exist?

Does Nothing Exist? If nothing does not exist, then how can it exist? We are talking about “nothing” as a concept, which essentially means, there ain’t nothin’ there. The spiritual meaning which is what my nickname Mofwoofoo means, is that Mofwoofoo means nothing, existential nothing, the nothing beyond your imagination. This might be the nothing we are talking about. Can there be more than one nothing? We can leave that for later.

In this materialistic world “nothing” is totally unappreciated, and is often considered valueless. Maybe this is why people like to think that they are something. I prefer to be nothing. It’s a lot easier, lighter, lighter hearted. Lets leave “form” for another discussion as I would rather talk about nothing.

Perhaps we are only here to deal with existential paradoxes and conundrums or how we have to live with oxymorons and just plain oafish or “oxy” morons (just a joke, nothing personal). Along with having to accept the unacceptable everyday of our lives, like war, poverty, corruption ad infinitum.

No wonder some people find life a bit tough, along with the constant need to be in the flow with money and the necessity to stay healthy, etc., etc.! I should tell you that my previous title was Bagelhole1. I have been thinking about nothing for years and without the need to meditate. I think the key to the Universe might be nothingness that is, the space inside the bagel, the hole. One must pass through the bagelhole if one hopes to attain “nothingness”.

I can imagine that if I was God, I might wonder how come I exist amongst all this nothingness, maybe being God, I would know the answer. And perhaps just to create some meaning out of all this nothingness, I conjured up a diversion that would still maintain the nothingness by creating illusions that didn’t really exist but seemed to. So, I as God created an incredibly elaborate illusion to give purpose to the dimension of time and space, which was just one of the infinite dimensions that I imagined, and time and space without objects both living and/or dead, with “consciousness” being allowed for the living, which included the ability to self reflect and to choose to be ethical for the human species, was necessary to avoid the whole Universe being merely a ghost town with lots of spinning and spiraling, but with absolutely no relevance. That takes us to; Do illusions exist? And the fog deepens.

Everything then could be a simulation and we are avatars or game players. And just like in a dream, you can feel things as though solid, but it seems you never actually get hurt or die, but in our non dreaming state, we have those features because of its dualistic and 3D parameters with the added feature that we can feel, hurt, and die, which definitely adds a dimension to the whole illusion.

Imagine vast empty spaces with nothing, but really if there is empty space with nothing in it, would there really be space? Does space need something in it to exist? Space being the same as “nothing”. Imagine one particle floating in an empty space that goes out infinitely in every possible direction. The particle brings meaning to the vast nothingness. Without the particle it would be an infinite meaningless nothingness, which would be possibly the largest amount of nothingness ever not known.

Now imagine space as a place where space is available. Available for anything. We live in this dimension, where “things” seem to exist. Even though we may reduce ourselves to being only “awareness”, we still enjoy or endure the thingyness that we experience in this dimension. So when there is no time or space, there would also be no nothingness, or so it seems logically.

What would there be then? Another dimension beyond our comprehension and perhaps beyond our ability to even imagine. What would that be? Could it be a nothingness without nothing? Is it really beyond our imagination? But how is that possible? Our imagination has no limits. So, perhaps it is just something that no one has yet imagined. I hope you don’t feel empty after reading this.